QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton has confirmed that singer Geoff Tate — who was fired from the Seattle progressive rock band in 2012 after fronting it for three decades — and his former bandmates have reached a settlement in their legal battle over the rights to the group's name.

Speaking to the Allentown Music ExaminerWilton was asked when fans can expect a resolution of the legal case involving the two versions of QUEENSRŸCHE. "That's coming up," Wilton said. "What I can say is that both sides have reached an amicable settlement and it's now just a matter of time. There will be an official press release, but for now, you'll have to wait."

Joe Elliott has stated that the band is working towards a deluxe edition for their 1999 "Euphoria" album. They acquired the rights for that album in June and now are gathering up the bonus material. 


According to Famagusta-gazette.com, final preparations are being made for a controversial concert by rock band Deep Purple which is slated to take place next weekend at the Near East University in Turkish occupied northern Cyprus. Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the concert and an open field venue is nearly completed, according to Turkish Cypriot radio. 



Metal Chris of DCHeavyMetal.com recently conducted an interview with legendary BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

DCHeavyMetal.com: In November, you did an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine and in that interview you said that you hadn't listened to any of the new BLACK SABBATH album, "13", except for maybe about 40 seconds of [the promotional track] "God Is Dead?" Have you listened to that album since then?

Ward: No and I probably won't.

DCHeavyMetal.com: You don't think you ever will?

Ward: I, I… Maybe if I reach a point of serenity where I'm able to give it a listen but no there's nothing of value in there for me to listen to. I love the guys. I really hope that they receive blessings and wonderful things in their life. [I'm] communicating with Terry ["Geezer" ButlerBLACK SABBATH bass player], I'm communicating with Tony, privately. We always send our very, very best wishes to each other and our love to each other. But no, I'm not interested in the album. It was something that I wanted to play on. I was completely able to play on it. There's no question in my heart at all. So, you know, it's still something that I don't care, I don't care to listen to it. Even if it was the most brilliant album in the world, I don't care to listen to it.

DCHeavyMetal.com: That leads me to the question, do you ever see yourself as a part of BLACK SABBATH again?

Ward: Well, a lot of things have happened to me. Starting in September, 2013, I had a horrible illness, which I'm still recovering from, and it created some other things that I am still recovering from. That's one of the reasons why I didn't come to [my previously scheduled appearance in] Annapolis [for an art exhibition], you know. So aside from me now having to do a lot of work to gain my health and my strength back, you know, and I'd be the first to admit it if I can't cut it physically as a drummer, then my answer would be no. I would not be prepared to play with SABBATH, you know. I would never, ever, ever allude to being able to play with SABBATH if my health wasn't absolutely smack on. And my health right now is not bad, but it's not good enough to certainly play in any band, never mind BLACK SABBATH. I have to get a lot stronger than where I am. I lost a lot of weight. I've got to gain all my muscle back. I lost all my muscle. And I'm doing some stick practice, but if I was in a good position where I felt strong enough, I can overcome the hits that I took, the verbal hits, I can overcome all that stuff. I can overcome, you know, just the shutdown and the way that I felt and everything else. I can overcome all of those things. All of the things that were like at the time just like, "What the hell?" I can certainly recover from all that stuff, actually. I can do it pretty good. You know, in fact, I've recovered from most of it as I'm speaking to you this morning. I'll always have an open mind to playing with BLACK SABBATH. I love the band. I miss them terribly. And so my answer would be leaning towards if something could be worked out. Something that I could live with and I'm talking politically now, contractually. And not the kind of things that I've done in the past. I'm talking about the very core of what I talked about in my big statement of February 2012. If we can come to some terms, and we're all OK with each other, and the most important thing for me is being able to know that I can play drums the way that I want to be. Otherwise I wouldn't even enter into any kind of conversation with them if I knew that I wasn't back on the mark. Then I would be moving forward. I think that a lot of fans have suffered horribly through these undertakings of the last couple of years, and I fully, fully blame the inconsiderateness of just a few people who created, and I won't talk about who, but a few people who created such a huge wasteland of real, real pain when everyone was just so excited to see the original band with an original record. And I'd already stated my boundaries quite early in all this. It didn't come overnight. It wasn't a shock. You know, it wasn't something that suddenly happened. We'd been negotiating for over 15 months. Things like that, so… But I have to be careful in overstating, because there's still a political agenda attached to this. So I've definitely got an open mind. I miss playing with TerryGeezer, just horribly. I absolutely miss him to death. And I miss playing with Tony just… every day. I mean every single day I — it just blows me away, man. And obviously I miss Oz [Ozzy OsbourneBLACK SABBATH vocalist]. I've had to… With Ozzy, I… I've lost a friend, as far as I'm concerned. A man that I dearly loved, and I still dearly love, but I've had to really now readjust just how much I'm going to trust and love him. He fired back on some pretty mean stuff in the press, so... And I've gone OK. Like with any of us, when we get hurt, we're going to pull back our love and our considerations for another human being when they kick out at you and you know. So that's been a big loss.


The Village Voice are streaming three demo tracks recorded by ACE FREHLEY and his pre-KISS band MOLIMO. The tracks are from a 3-song demo acetate up for auction at eBay.  Here's the link for the streaming: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/music/2014/04/ace_frehleys_long_lost_demo.php?page=2  



UNISONIC, the band featuring former HELLOWEEN vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (ASIAGOTTHARD and KROKUS), bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Kosta Zafiriou (both of Germany's PINK CREAM 69), will release a new EP, "For The Kingdom", on May 23 via earMUSIC/Edel. Produced by Ward, the EP contains the fast album track "For The Kingdom", the exclusive song "You Come Undone" (only available on this release) plus four previously unreleased live cuts: "Unisonic""Never Too Late""Star Rider" and "Souls Alive", all recorded at the 2012 edition of the Masters Of Rock festival in Czech Republic. The EP cover artwork was created by graphic artist Martin Hausler, who previously worked with UNISONIC on the band's debut album cover design.

"For The Kingdom" will be available on CD, strictly limited 12-inch vinyl and as a digital download.



Century Media has published a new music video off Gus G's first solo album, "I Am The Fire" for the song "Eyes Wide Open" featuring Mats Leven on lead vocals. You can watch it here...


As Planet Of Zeus has spoiled us so far they shared yesterday their new music video for the self-titled song of their new album "Vigilante". The band will go on a Greek tour just after Easter, so don't miss them!!!


Legendary Anglo-Australian hard rockers AC/DC have released the following statement:

"After forty years of life dedicated to AC/DC, guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band due to ill health. Malcolm would like to thank the group's diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support.

"In light of this news, AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family's privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music."


According to The Pulse Of RadioMick Jones revealed that the first new songs by him and co-founding FOREIGNER frontman Lou Gramm in 20 years might hit the public next year. The pair's June 2013 performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Juke Box Hero" at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in New York City marked the first time the pair has performed together in a decade after Gramm left FOREIGNER for a second time.


World Premiere Baby!!!
This Thursday Outloud makes the unveiling of their new album Let's Get Serious in Rockmachine.gr.

Panos Petropoulos in his heavy metal radio show ''Metal... alchemies'' presents two new songs from the upcoming Outloud album first ever worldwide and only in www.rockmachine.gr exactly at 22:00 this Thursday 17/04.

So, Be There and Let's Get Serious!!!

15/04/2014 - AC/DC COMES TO AN END...?

A friend of AC/DC's Malcolm Young says the guitarist will not be able to perform with the band again due to an unspecified serious illness. Speaking to ABC Radio (as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald), CHOIRBOYS singer Mark Gable, who has been friends with AC/DC "for years," said: "That is true, Malcolm is sick… From what I understand, and it's even been confirmed in part by his son Ross [Young]… It would appear Malcolm is unable to perform anymore. It's not just that he is unwell, it's that it is quite serious. It will constitute that he definitely won't be able to perform live. He will probably not be able to record."



Saxon just announced their European Tour for the autumn of 2014 that includes two stops in Greece (Athens - Thessaloniki) on the 25th and 26th of October.



Swedish metallers IN FLAMES have set "Siren Charms" as the title of their eleventh album, due in September via Epic. The CD was recorded at Hansa Studios (DAVID BOWIEDEPECHE MODEU2) in Berlin, Germany.



12/04/2014 - JESSE WINCHETSER R.I.P.

Singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester, whose songs were recorded by Elvis Costello, Little Feat and James Taylor, has died after a lengthy battle with cancer of the esophagus. He was 69.





Joe Elliott: "Vivian's doing OK. Obviously everybody knows he had cancer. It's kind of in remission. It's a working project so - but he's in good health. But he's also just had back surgery poor guy. But he's recovering from that very well. And he's gonna be fine for June. He's gonna be great."



“Tonight, Kiss enters the Rock and Roll of Fame…” That’s all Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello had to say, and the crowd at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony instantly erupted with approval.


After months and months of fighting amongst themselves and with the people who run the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the induction of the four original members of “the hottest band in the land” turned out to be a primarily peaceful affair. However, at least three members of the group found time to take one well-placed shot at somebody in the building.


While some might have questioned the selection of Morello as the person to induct the group, from the opening moments of his speech it was clear he was both a man on a mission and a card-carrying member of the Kiss Army. With a serious look in his eyes and truckloads of determination in his voice, Morello began his remarks by mentioning that he was there to pay tribute to “four of the most recognizable faces on the planet, and one of the most iconic and bad-ass bands of all time.”


“While the Kiss Army will accept anybody who wants to enlist, it can be a rough ride,” Morello noted. “It was not always easy being a Kiss fan — arguments and fist fights were not uncommon.” Kiss, he said, “was never a critic’s band. Kiss was always a fan’s band.” Still, there is no doubt in his mind that Kiss should be in the Hall of Fame. “All four guys wrote great songs. All four guys were great lead singers. They practically invented the live album with ‘Kiss Alive!’”


While earlier generations had Elvis and the Beatles, it was Kiss, as Morello explained, that filled that inspirational gap for the generations that have followed. He had a diverse cross-section of bands and artists to help make his case, mentioning Tool, Pantera, Garth Brooks, Lenny Kravitz and his own band as being among those who had been musically affected in a positive way by the music of Kiss.


Although the Rock Hall didn’t include members beyond the original four in the induction, Morello made room for each alumni in his comments, mentioning Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer as members that “have all been important to the legacy” (who) “deserve a round of applause.”

“But tonight, we honor the fearsome foursome,” Morello said. He spoke eloquently of all four members. Special attention was given to “the Spaceman,” Ace Frehley, who Morello called, “my first guitar hero,” and who notably got a large share of the audience applause. “Tonight we also honor the fifth member of the band, without whom this could not have happened. Tonight we honor the Kiss army. Tonight proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the high school bullies were mistaken. We Kiss fans were right, so let’s celebrate — tonight, it’s the Rock and Roll All Night, Party All Day Hall of Fame!”


With Morello’s speech complete, all four original members of Kiss took the stage together, with both Frehley and drummer Peter Criss sharing embraces with Gene Simmons. Speaking first, Simmons called the induction “a profound moment for all of us,” and said, “I’m here just to say a few kinds words about the four knuckleheads, 40 years ago, who decided to get together and put together the band we never saw onstage — critics be damned.”


He did indeed have nice words for all of his band members, both past and present, calling Frehley someone “whose iconic guitar playing has been imitated but never equaled by generations of guitar players” around the world. Of Criss, he said, “nobody’s got that swing and style,” while Stanley was singled out as “the partner and brother I never knew.”


Simmons also took care to mention and thank each of his former bandmates: “Eric Carr, rest in peace, Mark St. John, rest in peace, Vinnie Vincent, the great Bruce Kulick, and of course here we are today, 40 years later, with the great Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. However, we wouldn’t be hear today without the original Fantastic Four.”

He then turned the microphone over to “the powerful and attractive Peter Criss,” who used his remarks to pay tribute to all of the many people involved in helping to make Kiss worldwide superstars, “from the grips to the truck drivers to the great producers.” He singled out a name from their past, declaring, “I want to definitely thank our first manager Bill Aucoin. We would not be here if it were not for Bill.” He did rather cheekily address the recent controversy, noting that, “in or out of makeup, I’ll always be the Catman.”


If you expected Frehley’s segment to go off without a hitch, well, you haven’t been paying attention to his career for the last 40 years. Right off the bat, he revealed, “I have a speech here, but these aren’t prescription [glasses]. So I can’t read!” Luckily, he went off the cuff very well: “You know, when I was 13 years old and I picked up my first guitar, I always sensed I was going to be in for something big.” He did take a not-so-subtle jab at Simmons’ long-running critiques of his addiction problems, noting that he is now over seven years sober and lamenting that “some people think that it has to do with willpower. Most addicts are born that way, and people need to be educated about that.”


Finally, singer and guitarist Paul Stanley took over the microphone, and based on how directly he’s been criticizing the Rock Hall and his former bandmates, it’s unsurprising that he had some sharp comments tonight. But first he gave thanks to Morello, who “championed us shamelessly and unapologetically,” and called it “a special night for the fans.”


Then came his measured, well-placed shot at the people who presumably bought him dinner tonight. “Here we are, basically inducted for the same things that we were kept out for. The people are speaking to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and what they’re saying is that they want more. They don’t want to be spoon-fed with a handful of choices. The people buy tickets, the people buy albums, the people who nominate do not. Let’s not forget that these are the people who make it all possible. We just benefit from it. I am here tonight because of the people who inspired me, but I am also here because of the people I inspired. So god bless you all. It’s a wonderful night.”




You certainly couldn’t blame Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for feeling a bit winded after talking through a nearly hour-long induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Being the troopers they are, however, the group ran through three songs, beginning with, appropriately, the calling card ‘E Street Shuffle.’ The always-rambunctious tune had extra pep thanks to the talents of original drummer Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez, who joined the group to add exuberance on a second kit next to current drummer “Mighty” Max Weinberg.

Springsteen then pulled out a harmonica -— always a good sign — and told a slightly risque Clarence Clemons joke before steering the band into ‘The River.’ The E Street Band’s ability to play off one another stood out in this song, with Roy Bittan‘s piano and Stevie Van Zandt‘s acoustic guitar setting the stage for a brooding Springsteen vocal turn, which included lower-register harmonies with wife Patti Scialfa.

But the highlight of the mini-set had to be an incredible version of ‘Kitty’s Back,’ from ‘The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle.’ A flashback to their bar-band days, the song gave individual players a chance to strut their stuff with solos that possessed more than a little bit of extra oomph tonight.

Among the highlights: founding keyboardist David Sancious — whose residence on Belmar, New Jersey’s E Street gave the band its name — going to church on the organ with Springsteen egging him on. The five-piece horn section, featuring Clemons’ nephew Jake Clemons, added some soul flair straight out of a classic Chicago album. And Nils Lofgren contributed a dependably cutting solo.

Even Springsteen coaxed out several toothy electric guitar solos throughout the song, as it finally coalesced and crescendoed into a stew of soul, blues and rock & roll as only the E Street Band can unleash.

Peter Gabriel is one of many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees who’s still creatively energized, both in the studio and as a touring musician. But for his first song, the former Genesis member reached back to 1992′s ‘Us’ for the monstrous ‘Digging In The Dirt.’
Although usual bassist Tony Levin was unavailable due to his commitments with Crimson Projekct, another session ace, Pino Palladino– who’s played with Nine Inch Nails and the Who, among others — ably filled in, lending rumbling low end to the formidable rock tune.
After his induction speech, Gabriel took to the piano for another ‘Us,’ cut, the stark ‘Washing Of The Water.’ Chris Martin of Coldplay, who inducted Gabriel, joined in with some nicely understated vocals, while Palladino added subtle bass.
The somber cut might not have been an obvious choice for a raucous induction ceremony, but it embodied Gabriel’s career, which flouted convention in favor of innovation and self-directed passion.
Appropriately, Gabriel next introduced Senegalese legend Youssou N’Dour to reprise his vocal harmonies on ‘In Your Eyes.’ Everyone onstage was clearly having a blast performing the iconic song. Gabriel and the rest of the musicians hopped around onstage in unison as they sang, and the harmonies and percussion swelled with celebratory gusto.

Danger Angel announce that they will now offer their latest critically acclaimed album "Revolutia" for Free Streaming and as a Free Download through their bandcamp page!

This is a way of saying thank you to our fans for supporting us all this years!
Danger Angel are working on their third album and preparing for a new European Tour later in the year.

Until further announcements, take advantage of this free streaming and download offer exclusively at:



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