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Πρώτοι στην σκηνή ανέβηκαν οι progsters The Silent Wedding σε ένα σχεδόν άδειο Piraeus Academy. Η ελάχιστη παρουσία κοινού δεν τους πτόησε και προσπάθησαν να ικανοποιήσουν κάθε παρευρισκόμενο. Παρότι υπήρξαν κάποια προβλήματα στην μίξη του ήχου (χαμηλή ένταση πλήκτρων), οι The Silent Wedding ήταν απολαυστικοί και άφησαν θετικές γνώμες. Παρουσίασαν κομμάτια από τα δύο album, "Livin Experiments" και το πρόσφατο "Enigma Eternal". Προσωπικά ευχαριστήθηκα πολύ τα "Shadows & Dust", "The Return (To Ithaca)"  και "Silence".

GODSMACK is continuing to write material for its seventh studio album. The new disc will follow up 2014's "1000hp" and will commemorate the band making it to the two-decade mark. Its self-titled debut effort arrived in 1998.
Speaking to "The Rod Ryan Show", frontman Sully Erna stated about the long gap between GODSMACK records: "We were going to drop a record this year — we didn't want the records to be so spaced apart… But it kind of seems like a theme with us — it's always three or four years before another record comes out. Part of that is because by the time it takes you to write and record and tour on an album, it's eighteen months to two years. But this time, we wanted to do something this year, but we were just, like, 'You know, let's just wait another second,' because if we release this at the top of 2018, it will be our twentieth-year anniversary of the first record, and we wanna do something special."
According to Erna, GODSMACK will embark on "a big world tour" to celebrate the two-decade mark since the release of the band's debut album. He said: "We're gonna do a massive production. We're gonna kind of base it around the theme of the first record. We're even talking about coming out and doing the first record front to back to open the show — set up the staging a little bit more old school and stuff like that, and then kind of morph it into the back half of the set, which would be all the hits and the solo and some of the new stuff."

DEEP PURPLE keyboard legend Don Airey has launched a pre-sale campaign on PledgeMusic for a very special limited edition deluxe box set of his solo album "K2 - Tales Of Triumph And Tragedy", to be released on Gonzo Multimedia in June.
"K2" was recorded in 1988 at Sarm East Studios, London, and originally released worldwide on MCA Records. It was based on an article written by mountaineer Jim Curran about his harrowing experiences on the 1986 expedition to K2 that claimed the life of twelve climbers inspired it. The music was completed after Don met Jim at his house in Sheffield where he talked of his friends Al Rouse and Julie Tullis, who both died in a blizzard at the summit, having become the first U.K. climbers to conquer the peak.
The album also features guest appearances by Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Colin Bluntstone, Chris Thompson and others.

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