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15 Jan


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Comedian hair metallers Steel Panther has just released a new song from their upcoming acoustic CD/DVD, “Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage”, “That’s When You Came In” which is actually brand new. Typical Steel Panther with all the dirty jokes and the inevitable references to oral sex, you can check it out here:

The last show of the historical West Hollywood House Of Blues was a big party with Steel Panther

Sometime we said that we really wanted to watch AC/DC in Greece, because they’never been here. The dream became reality and the same happened with other bands like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and a lot more bands that satisfied their fans by paying a visit in our country. However, the thirst rock’n’roll create can never be really quenched. Therefore, picks out 10 bands that would love to see play a show in Greece… promoters this is for you!

Steel Panther released a new video for the song “Poomtang Boomerang” from their upcoming album “Lower The Bar” that will be released on March 24th, a month later that scheduled, via Kobalt Music Recordings. The song’s and video’s concept is Michael Sweet’s attempts to get rid of  girl she wakes up with at his house after his cat(!) informs him that she is crazy. Of course the video if filled with pornstars doing their thing, while Steel Panther do theirs!

American glam/hair/poser metallers Steel Panther uploaded a video on YouTube where they are basking in the centre of London a few days ago. The band played obviously unplugged “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” and “Community Property” with the stunned onlookers recording videos and taking photos with their cell phones. As you already know, the upcoming release of the band is the acoustically performer CD/DVD “Live From Lexxi’s Mom Garage”, so this performance is part of the new album’s promotion.

Sean of Q102, Springfield's Rock Station, conducted an interview with vocalist Michael Starr of Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER at this year's Rocklahoma festival, which was held May 27-29 at Catch The Fever Festival Grounds in Pryor, Oklahoma, just outside Tulsa.
Asked about the progress of the recording sessions for STEEL PANTHER's follow-up to 2014's "All You Can Eat" album, Michael said: "Satchel [guitar] finished the guitars and the bass and the drums, and now all we've gotta do is have the session singer come in and sing, and we'll be done. I mean, I'm singing. I'm gonna try and do it all on my own.
"I think it's gonna come out in October, if we get it done. But we're gonna tour in between, like we always do. Last record, we actually recorded vocals on the bus, so it works out good."

Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER will release a new acoustic album in February. The effort was recorded this past October at Swing House Rehearsal & Recording in Atwater Village, California.

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