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22 Jun


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Saxon will release “Solid Book Of Rock” box set which contains the band’s nine studio albums from 1991 to 2009 with eight bonus tracks, plus two bonus CDs and three bonus DVDs. The box set comes in a 12” x 12” casebound book featuring a stunning brand new cover painting by Paul R. Gregory and includes a 24-page booklet with all the lyrics and credits, plus photos. Check out the contents below:


Solid Ball Of Rock:

“Solid Ball Of Rock”
“Altar Of The Gods”
“Requiem (We Will Remember)”
“Lights In the Sky”
“I Just Can’t Get Enough”
“Baptism Of Fire”
“Ain’t Gonna Take It”
“I’m On Fire”
“Overture In B-Minor / Refugee”
“Bavarian Beaver”
“Crash Dive”

Bonus tracks:
“Requiem (We Will Remember)” [single version]
“Reeperbahn Stomp”

Forever Free:

“Forever Free”
“Hole In The Sky”
“Just Wanna Make Love To You”
“Get Down And Dirty”
“Iron Wheels”
“One Step Away”
“Can’t Stop Rockin’”
“Cloud Nine”

Bonus tracks:
“Princess Of The Night” [live]
“Forever Free” [live]

Dogs Of War:

“Dogs Of War”
“Burning Wheels”
“Don’t Worry”
“Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)”
“Hold On”
“The Great White Buffalo”
“Demolition Alley”
“Walking Through Tokyo”
“Give It All Away”
“Yesterday’s Gone”

Bonus tracks:
“The Great White Buffalo” [live]
“Denim And Leather” [live]

Unleash The Beast:

“Gothic Dreams”
“Unleash The Beast”
“Terminal Velocity”
“Circle Of Light”
“The Thin Red Line”
“Ministry Of Fools”
“The Preacher”
“Cut Out The Disease”
“Absent Friends”
“All Hell Breaking Loose”

Bonus tracks:
“Crusader” [live]
“Solid Ball Of Rock” [live]


“Are We Travellers In Time”
“What Goes Around”
“Song Of Evil”
“All Guns Blazing”
“Piss Off”
“Watching You”
“Sea Of Life”

Killing Ground:

“Killing Ground”
“Court Of The Crimson King”
“Coming Home”
“Until Hell Freezes Over”
“Dragon’s Lair”
“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”
“Deeds Of Glory”
“Running For The Border”
“Shadows On The Wall”
“Rock Is Our Life”

Classics Re-Recorded [Bonus CD]:

“Princess Of The Night”
“Wheels Of Steel”
“Motorcycle Man”
“Strong Arm Of The Law”
“Denim And Leather”
“Dallas 1pm”
“And The Bands Played On”


“Witchfinder General”
“Man And Machine”
“The Return”
“Beyond The Grave”
“To Live By The Sword”
“Jack Tars”
“English Man O’War”
“Searching For Atlantis”
“Flying On The Edge”

Lionheart Studio Audio - Rough Mix [Bonus CD]:

“Witchfinder General”
“Man And Machine”
“The Return”
“Beyond The Grave”
“To Live By The Sword”
“Jack Tars”
“English Man O’War”
“Searching For Atlantis”
“Flying On The Edge”
“Beyond The Grave” [single version]

The Inner Sanctum:

“State Of Grace”
“Need For Speed”
“Let Me Feel Your Power”
“Red Star Falling”
“I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)”
“If I Was You”
“Going Nowhere Fast”
“Ashes To Ashes”
“Empire Rising”
“Attila The Hun”

Into The Labyrinth:

“Battalions Of Steel”
“Live To Rock”
“Demon Sweeney Todd”
“The Letter”
“Valley Of The Kings”
“Slow Lane Blues”
“Crime Of Passion”
“Premonition In D Minor”
“Protect Yourselves”
“Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)”
“Coming Home” [bottleneck version]

Lionheart DVD:

Lionheart - making of
“Lionheart - live clip
“Beyond The Grave” - promo video
5.1 96k high end sound mix of the album

The Inner Sanctum DVD:

A Night Out With The Boys
“To Hell And Back Again”
A Night Out With Boys - The Idea
A Night Out With Boys - Not Really
“See The Light Shining”
A Night Out With Boys - Now It Started
“Suzie Hold On”
“Stand Up And Be Counted”
“Frozen Rainbow”
“Never Surrender”

Into The Labyrinth DVD:

“Perceval” - Biff plays King Arthur in this Spanish film, directed by Pablo Aragues Millan
“Let There Be Light” - documentary about the live staging and lighting
Audio interview with Biff Byford - Biff talks about the songs on “Into The Labyrinth”

Saxon's drummer, Nigel Glocker, will meet Matt Kerr, a nurse and a fan who took care of him while he was in hospital in Newcastle suffering from aneurysm in 2014, on October 28th. Glockler told in an interview with TeamRock: "Not surprisingly, considering what I was going through at the time, I couldn't remember the guy's name. But I knew I and my wife Gina would recognize his face so we asked for help to track him down on social media. Before I knew it, he had got in touch and Gina recognized him straight away. It's great and I really look forward to seeing him and his son at the show. We have already reached out to the surgeon Dr Patrick Mitchell and his team to invite them to the gig too, but I remembered Matt was a big Saxon fan and I knew he'd appreciate it. These people saved my life – I can't ever thank them enough. Matt was part of a team that were in seeing me every couple of hours, taking my blood pressure and scanning my brain to make sure everything was okay. I can't wait to see Matt face-to-face rather than looking up at him from a hospital bed."

I remember vividly when I was a student how fascinated I was of the point of view of an Austrian philosopher who believed that the art has offered as much as science in the rise of the western civilization. To be precise, this fellow expressed an anarchistic theory which was based on an idea that everything is equal in the modern model of the western evolution or development. I am not quite sure how up to date or current this view sounds nowadays but I, personally, would have loved to see some examples where music would change –even for a little bit or a while- the world as we know it.

As a warm-up to their upcoming 10th live recorded album aptly titled “Let Me Feel Your Power” which is out through UDR on October 7th, Saxon released a live video for the anthemic “Wheels Of Steel”, which you can watch below. The album was recorded in Munich on November 15th, 2015 and in Brighton last January, while it includes footage from the band’s performance in Chicago from last September. “Let Me Feel Your Power” will be available in several formats, including DVD/2CDs, Blu-Ray/2CDs, digital download and a deluxe vinyl version which will also include the Blu-Ray and 2CDs, and is limited to 1500 copies.

23 Mar


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Saxon wrote and recorded seven songs for their next album that’s expected in 2018 according to Biff Byford’s interview on Metal Voice. “We've recorded seven songs already. I finished the vocals just before we came to the US. We've actually got three or four more songs, but I think we're going to write three more for the album. We'll rent a studio when we're on festivals and then we'll write some songs.” Biff adds: “It’s being recorded with Andy Sneap. He's gone off to do Judas Priest while we’re here. In September, we'll be finished with that, hopefully. It will be out in 2018 – maybe January.” One of the new tracks is titled “Nosferatu” and another one, which is actually a tribute to Lemmy, “The Played Rock’n’Roll”. Finally, he reveals: “On the next album, we’re maybe going to do a duet with somebody who’s quite hardcore.”

For Canada's The Metal Voice former singer of Anthrax Neil Turbin caught up Saxon's front man Biff Byford and guitarist Doug Scarratt at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.
When asked about Details in regarding their up and coming new album:
"On the next album we are going to do a duet with somebody, maybe, that's quite hardcore with us. We have recorded seven songs already, we are actually got three more songs and going to write three-four more. I finished the vocals before we came on tour. We rent a studio while we are at the festivals, a week of studio. It will be produced by Andy Sneap. He has gone off to do Judas Priest while we are here and when we get back in September will continue, it will be out 2018, maybe January? I have done some about lyrics about Nosferatu the Bram Stoker thing (Vampire Count Orlok) a very dark song and I am also doing a Motörhead song called ‘They Played Rock And Roll’.”

03 Sep


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We stole a tiny bit of Biff’s little free time anyway to ask a few things about “Dogs Of War” limited re-release on vinyl through UK’s  Demon Records. Brief as usual he sheds some light to one of the best Saxon albums from the 1990’s.

Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Vocalist Biff Byford of British heavy metal legends SAXON was recently interviewed by Canadian rock journalist Mitch Lafon.
Asked why he thinks SAXON never managed to reach the same commercial heights in the 1980s as a band like IRON MAIDEN, Biff said: "I just think that they had a fantastic team around them — and still do have, actually — and I think that made the extra… made it a bit better. I don't think they were surrounded by 'yes men,' if you know what I'm saying, where I think we were surrounded a little bit by fawning 'yes men,' and we lost our way a little bit in the way that we wrote songs and the way we recorded songs. It would have been better if we had stayed with a winning team, if you know what I mean. That's the sort of thing I mean. It's not particularly anything to do with musically or fashion or anything. It's just a matter of… I think they had the right team at the right place at the right time. They really went for it in America, and we sort of probably went about fifty percent for America. You have to remember that we were probably bigger in Europe at that time. It's just how it goes, really. It's just the luck of the draw, as they say."

On March 11, Jay Nanda of San Antonio Metal Music Examiner conducted an interview with SAXON singer Biff Byford in San Antonio, Texas.
Asked if there are any tribute albums planned for his late friend, iconic MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister, Biff said: "There could be. I haven't been asked to one. But I'm sure there must be something [in the works] right now. Hopefully it won't all be superstar, platinum L.A. bands doing it. It would be great to get some of the British bands on there as well. But I haven't been asked [about it]. I would do it, definitely. Any of them, really."
He continued: "We're connected with the early MOTÖRHEAD as well, 'cause we toured with Lemmy in '79 on their 'Bomber' tour, which was our 'Wheels Of Steel' tour. So we've known all of the MOTÖRHEAD lineups; we've been friends with them all."
Regarding which MOTÖRHEAD track he would like to sing on as a tribute to Lemmy, Biff said: "I'd like to do 'Ace Of Spades'. We were doing 'Ace Of Spades' in Europe with Fast Eddie [Clarke, former MOTÖRHEAD guitarist] on stage, 'cause his band FASTWAY were special guests. So we were doing 'Ace Of Spades'. And we've done 'Ace Of Spades' with [MOTÖRHEAD members] Mikkey [Dee, drums] and Phil [Campbell, guitar] a couple of times as well. So, yeah, I'm open to it. I loved Lemmy. He was a very good friend of mine. We miss him."

British heavy metal legends SAXON have set "Thunderbolt as the title of their new album, tentatively due in January 2018. The follow-up to 2015's "Battering Ram" is once again being recorded with British producer Andy Sneap, who has previously worked with MEGADETH, EXODUS and TESTAMENT, among others.

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