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Lulu, the 2011 collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica,

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has spoken out about how the changes in the music industry and the introduction of digital technology have affected the way his band conducts its business.

"The consumer world, retail, whatever, the product part of it — it's a whole different way," Hetfield told the METALLICA fan-club magazine So What! "But what hasn't changed is the way we record."

He continued: "We have a ton of [new] material [for the next METALLICA album]. We're sifting our way through it. We want the best of the best. That's what we've always done, and as long as it takes is as long as it takes.

"We're not gonna cater to the consumer now, because we never have.

"We want the best thing at the right time, whenever that time is right. So to put something out every year just because you need to keep fresh or whatever, that doesn't work for us. And if we fade away or whatever happens, it happens."

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett was recently interviewed

According to Billboard, METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct", has jumped from No. 14 to No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart this week, with 81,000 units (up 191 percent) and 79,000 in album sales (up 209 percent). The gain is owed mostly to a concert ticket/album bundle sale redemption promotion with the band's stadium tour that went on sale on February 17. Redemptions of albums included with the purchase of a concert ticket register as a sale in the week the customer redeems/receives the album.

METALLICA's latest studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart, having shifted 291,000 equivalent album units in the week ending November 24. This marks the sixth time METALLICA has topped The Billboard 200, having previously landed at No. 1 with "Death Magnetic" (2008), "St. Anger" (2003), "Reload" (1997), "Load" (1996) and "Metallica" (1991).

Since the festival season in Greece this year isn’t exactly to my taste, a trip in order to see Metallica’s ‘By Request’ tour was necessary. After Italy in 2011 and Switzerland in 2012 it was time to visit Czech Republic, for a concert that took place in a swimming pool, as Hetfield accurately put it, but that only made it even more magical.

Last Sunday May 29th James Hetfield got on stage with Corrosion Of Conformity at Fox Theater in Oakland and sung with them "Seven Days". Those two bands has their own history as COC used to open for Metallica in the early '90s, while James contributed backing vocals on the song "Man Or Ash" on the album "Wiseblood", while Pepper Keenan was a guest on Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone" on "Garage Inc.". Finally, it's worth noticing that Hetfield said that Keenan's return to COC was one of the "top 10" things in 2015.

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has revealed in a new interview that the

METALLICA will perform with pop superstar Lady Gaga at the 59th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday night (February 12). The news about the collaboration, which had not been officially announced, broke on Monday night (February 6) after a Gaga fan saw the collaboration promoted on a TV commercial for the Grammys and tweeted about it.
Gaga told Apple Music's Zane Lowe that the idea for the pairing came about when she "was at [actor] Bradley's [Cooper] house with Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer], and we were just, like, hanging out…" She went on to call Ulrich "amazing," before adding: "I've gotta tell you something: I went to see [METALLICA] live. I mean, I've seen them a couple of times live, but I saw them live recently, and we were watching the show and I'll tell you something, those guys play better than they've ever played in their whole lives."

Ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has praised the group's new song and has hinted at reconnecting with his former bandmates on a future project.
METALLICA earlier in the month released the track "Hardwired", the first single from the group's upcoming tenth studio album, "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct", which will be made available on November 18 via Blackened Recordings.
Asked during an appearance on the August 29 edition of the SiriusXM satellite radio show "Eddie Trunk Live" if he has heard "Hardwired", Newsted said: "I can't believe how wicked it is. I heard it a couple of times. Somebody played it for me in a car, and I brought it home and listened to it a little bit. I like its nature. I like its teeth, man. It's great."
Newsted also confirmed that he is still in regular contact with the members of METALLICA. He said: "I've got a call with Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] coming up on Thursday here. I've been talking to him every couple of weeks. As they're coming out with their new record, there's a lot of stuff going on within the underpinnings of it all, or whatever you wanna call it, so we always are in touch. And now we've actually been doing voice-to-voice, which is nice, and I'm hoping to be able to get person-to-person before long. But they do have quite a bit to do here with this new record. So I'm excited for 'em, man. I'm proud of 'em."
Asked if he is still in touch with METALLICA simply as friends or if it's related to "business stuff" or if they are talking about possibly doing something together again, Newsted responded: "All those three." Jason, however, would not elaborate on the exact form a possible new collaboration with METALLICA would take.

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