20 Apr 2017


As April marches, we are getting closer to the date of the event of the month, hence we are obliged to realize that Parkway Drive are coming to Greece for once more! While leading a European tour, for the promotion of “Ire”, which is the most recent of their 5 –undoubtedly extraordinary- albums, the crazy Aussies will perform in Athens and Thessaloniki.

It could be said, that one of the best and well known metalcore bands in the whole wide world decided to honor us, by offering us the chance to flail to their merciless tempo. However, this is just not enough to describe the case of Parkway Drive. Whether in terms of stylistic, or in terms of musical matters, it seems that Metal and Metalcore, are to be considered rather unrelated, or –according to some- even completely different genres. After being, almost 15 years in the game, Parkway Drive has managed to create a point, where these two –in other respects so contradictory- genres meet. Their ability to groove like Pantera or Lamb of God, as well as the capability of spawning blast beats and breakdowns with the same ease, or simply the endless amount of zest and energy that derives both from their records and their live appearances, has led, people coming from various musical backgrounds, not only reaching a common ground as far as their taste in music is concerned, but also hearing and (why not anyway?) dancing to the same song. Those of you that were lucky enough to attend the 2013 gig can definitely confirm all that is stated above.  Everyone else can just do one simple thing. When you notice someone wearing a Parkway Drive t-shirt (I guarantee that you will notice more than just a few), check him/her a little more thoroughly. He/she might look like a “classic” metal fan, a swagger, a skater or just like an everyday person. Moreover, ask a friend or an acquaintance of yours who is a fan of extreme sound (or not, please take that risk) whether the name “Parkway Drive” rings a bell or not. The vast majority of them probably will know of who you are talking about, and a lot less will have to say something not so good for the band. All mentioned above, lead to one solid conclusion. Parkway is one of the few groups that enjoy widespread recognition and respect in Greece, while the love of the Greek fans for the band keeps increasing constantly. The concerts that will take place in the 22th and the 23th of April will certainly be the outlet of the heat that stems from this particular love. Therefore, all of you that haven’t done so yet, please make up your mind and invest in a ticket. It doesn’t matter if you know two, five or ten songs. It doesn’t even matter if you look like a dedicated fan or not. The show and the power which will be before you, will one way or another, offer you a –one of a kind- experience.

Kostantinos Spiliotis


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