Winger must surely be the most unappreciated band in the US hard rock genre as they became the target of constant mockery and unfair criticism from the hardcore metal fans and the musical press of the early 90s. That was the time when grunge movement was emerging from Seattle and the hard rock sound was entering a difficult and commercially irreversible phase.

30 Sep

Kip Winger @Modu

Published in Live Reports

When it was first announced that Kip Winger would be performing two acoustic shows in Greece, the entire Greek hard rock community was counting the days as one can easily understand it’s not that frequent to enjoy so many hard rock shows in Greece, especially of Kip Winger’s level of quality. Add to all these the fact that Kip is the leader and founder of one of the most successful hard rock bands ever and you get the wider picture of those two acoustic events.

27 Nov

Kip Winger

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Kip Winger enters the club smiling, in good spirits and absolutely satisfied of his return to Greece. He is not only a successful performer but an accomplished musician who still entertains his audience for almost 30 years in the musical forefront. Kip sat comfortably, the camera rolled and the interview began… Sakis Nikas / Yiannis Dolas

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