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For once more the presence of in Hafan Y Mor on the coasts of North Wales had its peculiarities. This time it was a three-member delegation with whatever that entails, and there was also a Greek representation at the lineup of the festival. On arriving at the venue early on Friday evening, the first band we saw on stage was Vega.Α very good performance by the British with a very melodic rock with contemporary touches which seemed to satisfy the audience. Unfortunately “our” KingDragon had already finished their performance by the time we got to Pwllheli so we didn’t have the chance to see them. That was a pity…

The Australian hard rockers White Widdow unleashed their brand new video for the song "Just Another Night". This is

White Widdow performing live "Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever" from their first album "White Widdow", released from AOR heaven in 2010, at Hard Rock Hell United Festival on March 14th, 2015 in Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park, Pwllheli in Wales.

For a second time in a few years White Widdow, the Australian hard rock sensation, paid a visit to Greece for yet another brilliant live show and not only did they prove that they are a melodic force to be reckoned with but they surpassed all our expectations as they were far better than the first time in our country. But let’s start from the beginning…

12 Oct


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Australians White Widdow released a brand new video for the song “Surrender My Heart” from their fourth album, “Sihlouette”, which will be released on November 25th through AOR Heaven. The band that has already played twice in Athens, Greece (while rumor has it that they will be back soon!) was formed in Melbourne in 2008 from brothers Jules and Xavier Millis and guitarist Enzo Almanzi. White Widdow were raised on a healthy diet of 80’s Arena Rock and influenced by artists such as Survivor, Dokken, Night Ranger, White Sister & Giuffria.

Tracklist: 1.Stranded 2.Surrender My Heart 3.Living For The Night 4.Last Chance For Love 5.Wild At Heart 6.Damage Is Done 7.Game Of Love 8.Smile For The Camera 9.Waited 10.Sleeping With The Enemy

05 Aug

White Widdow

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It’s not a well-hidden secret that there is a very special bond between White Widdow and Greece. The Australian outfit has already played twice in our country and there are already plans of yet more shows in the future. We managed to catch the guys for a quick interview only a couple of hours before they hit the stage of Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales. Here’s what Xavier Millis and Ben Webster had to say when the Rockpages camera started to roll… Interview: Sakis Nikas, Yannis Dolas

02 Mar

White Widdow

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White Widdow, the Australian hard rock sensation, is about to pay a second visit to Greece for yet another unique show on the 6th of March in Athens. I am sure that everyone who was lucky enough to have attended the band’s first live show in Athens, a few years ago, was left under the most vivid impression by White Widdow’s energetic performance.

04 Aug

White Widdow

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It’s not a well-hidden secret that there is a very special bond between White Widdow and Greece...

28 Aug

White Widdow

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White Widdow has accomplished a lot in a relatively short time. It is one of those bands that come up with new albums on a steady basis and at the same time keep the fire burning for the 80s hard rock music. We meet them at the hotel where they are staying, here in Athens, for an interview that covered such topics as the new album (of course), their special relationship with the Greek fans (yes, that will be us…), the possibility of moving permanently to Europe (dreams do come true eventually), the time-travel with a Delorean (it is possible, isn’t it?), the Sheriff of AOR (no, it’s not Chuck Norris) etc. Interview: Sakis Nikas, Yiannis Dolas

15 Sep


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Australia's hard rock sensation, White Widdow, is back (for the attack) with a brand new album that will be called "Silhouette" and it is expected at the end of November. Here's the announcement that was made by the band via their official facebook page:
We're excited to announce the release details & cover art for our upcoming fourth album "Silhouette". The new album will be released at the end of November, once again on the AOR Heaven Label & features a song contribution from Erik Grönwall & Jona Tee from the Swedish Hard Rock band H.E.A.T.
"Silhouette" track listing - 1.Stranded, 2.Surrender My Heart, 3.Living For The Night, 4.Last Chance For Love, 5.Wild At Heart, 6.Damage Is Done, 7.Game Of Love, 8.Smile For The Camera, 9.Waited, 10.Sleeping With The Enemy
The first video from the album, "Surrender My Heart" will be released at the end of September, along with 2016 European Tour Dates & info on a Hometown Album Launch Party in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Steve Almanzi for the awesome album artwork.

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