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There has been quite some talk regarding the fact that the legendary Accept would be the support act of the current European Tour of Sabaton. At first, I was also bewildered and stunned by the news as the overall contribution of Accept in the heavy metal genre is huge and undisputed while Sabaton’s equivalent contribution…well, let’s just say that the gap between those two is chaotic. In addition, it is no exaggeration at all if we’d say that most likely Sabaton wouldn’t even exist if Accept hadn’t started its career back in the late 70s. All these assessments are fair and quite honestly self-evident. Can it be true, though, that the essence of the whole argument lies somewhere else? Can it be that this isn’t a matter of contribution and quality comparison?

Swedish metalers announced the replacement of their guitarist Thobbe Englund from Tommy Johansson. Englund played the last show with the band during the last weekend in Sweden, while it was announced earlier that his departure from Sabaton was caused by the groups’ hectic live schedule. "Celebrating the release of our new album while saying goodbye to a great friend is lots of mixed feelings. But the future is bright since this was not nearly our last stand. From now on, you will see Tommy Johansson playing guitars with Sabaton and we all look forward to see you on the road”, announced the band in an official statement. Sabaton play two shows in Greece on 8th and 9th of March in Athens and Thessaloniki respectfully with Accept and another support act which is going to be announced.

04 May


Published in Interviews sat down with Sabaton’s Pär Sundström and Thobbe Englund in England and talked about almost everything! From the terrorist hit in France, to their love of the Greek audience and their upcoming –yet secret- concert in Greece, the new album’s recordings, to their infinite love for… ‘80s music! Interview: Mariza “Crash”

29 Jun


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Swedes Sabaton released a new video trailer for their upcoming album “The Last Stand” which is out on August 19th via Nuclear Blast. The band’s frontman, Joakim Broden said: “I want to share this joy and happiness with everyone because that’s what I’m feeling because the album is done. It’s fantastic and I love it.” In support of the new album the album will be touring in the summer as well as next year with Accepta as their special guests.

O2 Forum, located in Kentish Town Northern London is a great live venue. An old theater modified into a live club that can hold up to 3.000 attendants. They have preserved all the old decorations though. Roman soldiers and banners of the Roman Empire depicted all around, making it a fitting place for heavy metal concerts. The metal fans gathered quite early, eventually turning the event into a sold out show!

The hottest band in the world nowadays, from the younger generation of course, is none other than Sabaton. The Swedish outfit has managed to create a buzz and gather under its wings a huge fan base all around the world. Even the mighty Accept has decided that it would be a good business move to be the special guest on the current European tour of Sabaton. I guess that says it all, right? So, let’s see how the show was on that rainy night in Athens…

The atmosphere in Fuzz Club was warm right from the beginning on Friday. Anyone could easily think that the crowd that gathered early on was waiting to see some of the legends of  metal music. The line up of the evening included three, musically different, bands.

Vocalist Joakim Brodén of Swedish metallers SABATON recently lost a drunken bet with

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