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15 Mar

Dennis Stratton

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Dennis Stratton is a classic, living and breathing case of a person who grew up and loved East London and its pride: West Ham! Dennis visited Greece for a concert; a tribute to the early Maiden years and Rockpages invites him to the magazine’s headquarters and discuss with him all about those days back in the 70s when Maiden started and the punk movement was all over England. Dennis clarifies what really happened with his dismissal of the band; who was responsible for it and many other interesting topics. At the end of our conversation, we allowed Dennis to drink his beer although it must have been a little bit warm by that point. But…a good beer is always a good beer…right? Interview: Sakis Nikas – Yiannis Dolas

Praying Mantis is one of the most beloved bands in Greece with a loyal and supportive fan base. Unfortunately, they never managed to achieve fame and commercial success which is really a shame because they so rightfully deserved it.

The first day of Rock You To Hell II Festival included some very important and remarkable bands of the hard n’ heavy sound and I am sure that all the fans that found their way at the Kyttaro Club in downtown Athens that evening had a really good time.

13 Jul

Praying Mantis

Published in Interviews

Praying Mantis will always be my favorite band of the so called New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement...mainly due to the fact that it was never an essential part of that genre. All these years, Rockpages has supported the efforts of brothers Troy because we so rightfully believe that Praying Mantis is a brilliant outfit. Period. In the frame of the band’s upcoming concert in Cyprus, we talked exclusively to Chris Troy and we asked him to take us with him on a...journey in time and in Praying Mantis’ story...

When the announcement of this year’s Chania Rock Festival was made, it was really a no brainer if we were gonna attend the two-day festival or not! The guys behind the organization of the festival are doing a phenomenal job all these years and so all we have to do is to support this endeavor that –trust me- takes a lot of hard work, tireless efforts, money and knowledge to pull it off! This year, the bands were significant and diverse so everybody had a reason to attend the festival. But let’s take things from the very beginning…

Praying Mantis UK Rock - Metal are finally ready to unleash their tenth studio album, “Legacy”!

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