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15 Jun


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Dutch symphonic metallers Delain's new album is almost ready for a late summer release. According to the band's frontwoman, Charlotte Wessels, on an interview she gave to TotalRock: "The mixing is done, the mastering is done. We're just finishing the artwork now, and then we've got it all together". There is going to be a cover on the album, although it's not revelaed which song will that be and the band is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special show in Amsterdam on December 10th which is going to be recorded and filmed for a future CD, DVD, Blu-Ray release.

18 Jan


Published in Flashback Reviews

Delain’s two main characteristics is a steady climaxing course and freshness in their music. Coming from Within Temptation since they were formed by Martijn Westerholt, after he left from today’s titans, they followed the same recipe, which judging by the result can be considered as successful.

Unfortunately due to obligations the first band that I saw were the symphonic/gothic Sirenia of Morten Veland. Personally, I consider unfair for a band to play live without a keyboardist when their music is 100% based on keys...

The bad criticism of the press for "Hydra" didn’t seem to dismay the fans of Within Temptation in London which almost filled Wembley Arena (12,500 people capacity). It turned out that people probably know better as the 10,000 people being in the audience looked more than excited while leaving this historic venue.

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