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20 years have passed since the release of “These Days”; 20 years since the release of the darkest, most introspective and why not best Bon Jovi record in the past two decades.

It seems that all the Bon Jovi fans won't have to wait long for the new single by their favorite as Dave Bryan revealed via Twitter that a new song by Bon Jovi will be available to the masses on August the 12th. Fingers crossed, guys and here's the exact message by Dave Bryan as posted on his twitter account: "Here we go kids!! August 12th our new single gonna be out to the world. I know you gonna love it".

“When We Were Beautiful” was initially released in the fall of 2009 but it’s never too late to discover a good book filled with photos especially when it focuses on a band that it’s not famous for opening up in the press all these years. If I’m not mistaken, this must be the first official Bon Jovi book ever.

This book is essentially the companion to the documentary of the same name that was supervised by filmmaker/photographer Phil Griffin. In an unprecedented and surprising for all the Jovi fans, the New Jersey band gave unlimited access to Griffin during the “Lost Highway Tour” in 2008. Naturally, Griffin took advantage of this gesture and managed to capture Bon Jovi on tour, on the stage, backstage, in the hotel...all in all, captured everything (or almost everything) that went on during that tour. The lengthy and absolutely characteristic excerpts and comments by the four members reveal a fact that every hard core Bon Jovi fan knew yet some deliberately or not had chosen to ignore. The fact is that Bon Jovi is Jon’s vision with Tico, Dave & Richie following along on the ride and helping him realize his dream (which at a certain point became their dream, too).Jon Bon Jovi’s phrase: “this might not be a democracy but it’s definitely a team effort”, I think says it all. One more thing that becomes obvious right from the very begining is that Bon Jovi is not simply a band but a family with its members being right there when one needs the other.

So, don’t expect to find in this book many “call-in” posed photos and a tell-all autobiography. Bon Jovi opened up for the first time and they do it cautiously. This book is forwarded towards the avid, die-hard Bon Jovi fan that always needs more from his favorite band. Those who enjoyed the documentary will most likely embrace the book.

Sakis Nikas

While many continue lamenting the departure of Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, the band

YouTube user AmericanJackassI continues to post rare live bootleg footage online, this time releasing video of Bon Jovi's show on Oklahoma City, OK at the Myriad Convention Center on April 11th, 1989. Check out the complete show here:
"Lay Your Hands On Me"
"I'd Die For You"
"Wild in the Streets"
"You Give Love A Bad Name"
"Tokyo Road"
"Born To Be My Baby"
"Let It Rock"
"I'll Be There For You"
"Blood On Blood"
"Livin' On A Prayer"
"Ride Cowboy Ride"
"Wanted Dead or Alive"
"Bad Medicine"

There’s no shortage of rock stars who sing about taking care of family and sticking up for the working man, but it’s a lot harder to actually show up and help out when it really counts. Hats off to Bon Jovi, then, for doing right by longtime tech Joe Dorosz in his hour of need.
AZFamily reports that Dorosz, who spent decades as a member of the crew for a long list of major acts, has been dealing with an array of serious health issues recently — he underwent spinal fusion surgery last year after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and suffered a hemorrhagic stroke shortly after his surgery. The lifesaving craniectomy doctors subsequently performed came with its own host of side effects, and Dorosz’s long road to recovery has just begun.
To help defray the spiraling costs of care, Dorosz’s family has started a crowdfunding campaign, explaining that “No one can predict when he will be able to return to the life he loves and his source of income … the music industry. His fiance is doing what she can, financially, to ensure that the mortgage and household bills are take care of, but it is quite a load for her to take on by herself. Then, there are the hospital bills. Even with health insurance coverage, the medical bills that are streaming in are beyond overwhelming. Those benefits are reaching their limits.”
Those fundraising efforts are getting a major helping hand from Bon Jovi. The band has announced its intent to match all donations to the campaign, with drummer Tico Torres writing, “JD has worked with me from the beginning and we’ll be missing him on the road this year. Any help you can send his way is appreciated.”

Ex-Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora, had his turn to have a go at “Livin’ On A Prayer” at a wedding. It was his nephew’s, Shane Ahern, wedding that took place in Los Angeles, while nothing was planned. The reception’s DJ provided the guitar who was accompanied by Orianthi on vocals (who actually was peeking at her cell phone for the lyrics). In contrast with Jon, Richie didn’t see that he needed to much persuading to sing the song!

Sources say Irving Azoff has inked a management deal with Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi are reportedly set to release Burning Bridges, their first album of the post-Richie Sambora era. Apparently

Bon Jovi‘s tour in support of their This House Is Not for Sale album is officially under way.
The group played the first of its 2017 tour dates last night in Greenville, S.C., unveiling a set list that managed to deliver a hefty selection of hits while still making room for a number of cuts from the new LP. After opening with a one-two punch of Sale tracks, the band segued into signature anthem “You Give Love a Bad Name,” as you can see in the fan-shot footage above.
Bon Jovi, Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, S.C., 2/8/17 Set List
“This House Is Not for Sale”
“You Give Love a Bad Name”
“Born to Be My Baby”
“We Weren’t Born to Follow”
“Lost Highway”
“Roller Coaster”
“Work for the Working Man”
“Because We Can”
“We Got It Goin’ On”
“Who Says You Can’t Go Home”
“It’s My Life”
“God Bless This Mess”
“Scars on This Guitar”
“The Devil’s in the Temple”
“Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night”
“Blood on Blood”
“Lay Your Hands on Me”
“Have a Nice Day”
“Bad Medicine”
“Keep the Faith”
“Wanted Dead or Alive”
“Livin’ on a Prayer”

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