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SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell has confirmed that the band hopes to record the follow-up to 2012's comeback album, "King Animal", early in 2017 with the goal of releasing the disc later in the year.
During a December 5 appearance on "Whiplash", the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie, Cornell was asked if there are any plans for the band to tour and release new music anytime soon. He responded: "Well, it'll be in 2017 — both those things, hopefully, will happen — barring any, sort of, unforeseen thing, which I don't… I don't see any reason why those two things won't happen. The next thing that I am committing myself to concentrating on a hundred percent is the next SOUNDGARDEN album."

According to CNN, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell will be laid to rest on May 26 in Los Angeles. His body will be flown from Michigan to Los Angeles on Sunday, and Cornell will be buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the sources said.

Seattle grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN will release a remixed deluxe edition of "Ultramega OK" on March 10 via Sub Pop. This remixed and expanded reissue is a long-planned "correction" of the legendary band's Grammy-nominated debut full-length. "Ultramega OK" was originally recorded and released in 1988 on SST Records.
"Ultramega OK" reissue track listing:
01. Flower
02. All Your Lies
03. 665
04. Beyond The Wheel
05. 667
06. Mood For Trouble
07. Circle Of Power
08. He Didn't
09. Smokestack Lightning
10. Nazi Driver
11. Head Injury
12. Incessant Mace
13. One Minute Of Silence
14. Head Injury (Early Version)
15. Beyond The Wheel (Early Version)
16. Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version]
17. He Didn't (Early Version)
18. All Your Lies (Early Version)
19. Incessant Mace (Long) [Early Version]

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, TEN COMMANDOS is a new project featuring

A&M Records is suing the owner of a Seattle facility where the grunge classic

Temple of the Dog was recorded, trying to reclaim the master tapes. Rajan Parashar, the co-founder of London Bridge Studios, refuses to turn them over.
Temple of the Dog released a lone, self-titled album in 1991, but it didn’t become a Top 5 hit until a year later – after the band’s principal members had gone on to wider fame with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Parashar’s late brother Rick originally oversaw sessions that lasted just 15 days, as Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell sought to pay tribute to his late friend Andrew Wood.

SOUNDGARDEN vocalist Chris Cornell re-released his 1999 debut solo album,

According to The Seattle Times, Chris Cornell's widow, Vicky Cornell, has hired the artist and sculptor Wayne Toth to create a statue of the SOUNDGARDEN frontman to be placed somewhere in Seattle, where the singer was born and nurtured his music career.
"He has already given me a design and the children and I love it," Vicky said of Toth, who created the statue of Johnny Ramone that stands at his grave at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, where Chris Cornell is buried.
Vicky said that it will take Toth about seven months to create to create the statue, for which Seattle attorney and family friend Mark Johnson is working with the city to find a location.

SOUNDGARDEN guitarist Kim Thayil says that the band has "rough demos of a dozen or so songs" for the follow-up to 2012's comeback album, "King Animal". The group started work on a new record last year, but took a break while frontman Chris Cornell toured last fall and earlier this year in support of his latest solo effort, "Higher Truth".
Speaking to "Whiplash", the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie, Thayil said about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the next SOUNDGARDEN record (hear audio below): "Right now, there are some other projects that are taking up bandmembers' time. Matt's [Cameron, drums] got some PEARL JAM touring and projects. Matt and Chris [Cornell, vocals] together, of course, are working on this TEMPLE OF THE DOG [reunion] thing.

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