On November 30, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield sat down for a one-on-one interview with Josie Dye from the 102.1 The Edge radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
On the success of "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct":
Hetfield: "It's a huge surprise — it really is — 'cause, for us, this is just the next record. And, for some reason, the timing is right. People are needing or wanting this. And, I guess, song-wise, people are identifying with its older-school feel — more guitar harmoinies, things like that, and some of the stuff that I knew was missing from our music. So it's still a big surprise. When your record people send you an e-mail saying, 'Hey, you're No. 1 in all these countries?' And you're, like, 'What?' Does that mean we're gonna go play Uganda? What? The tour's gonna get longer.' [Laughs]"

As METALLICA gets ready to hit the road and kick off its North American tour, the band thought it might be cool to revisit the very beginning of "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" by pressing one of the live release celebrations on vinyl.
It all started with the Fifth Member show at the 1,500-capacity Webster Hall in New York City in September of last year, so this Friday, May 5, the three-LP set of that show will be available exclusively online at Metallica.com as well as in the band's pop-up stores in select tour cities this summer (more on that soon).
Newly mastered for vinyl and mixed by the team that brought you "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct", the three-disc limited edition package is pressed on 140-gram vinyl and includes the digital download of the show as well.
Track listing:
Disc One / Side A
01. Breadfan
02. Holier Than Thou
03. Battery
04. Harvester Of Sorrow
Disc One / Side B
01. Fade To Black
02. Moth Into Flame
Disc Two / Side C
01. Sad But True
02. Orion
Disc Two / Side D
01. One
02. Master Of Puppets
Disc Three / Side E
01. For Whom The Bell Tolls
02. Enter Sandman
03. Encore Jam
04. Whiskey In The Jar
Disc Three / Side F
01. Hardwired
02. Seek & Destroy

METALLICA today announced that they will reissue their first two albums, 1983's "Kill 'Em All" and 1984's "Ride The Lightning", on April 15. Both albums have been remastered for the most advanced sound quality and will be available in three formats — CD, vinyl, and deluxe box set. Both deluxe box sets include original source material from the band's personal collection with many never-before- heard-or-seen recordings, along with a book including rare photos and essays from those who were there.
The deluxe numbered box set of "Kill 'Em All" includes four vinyl records, five CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including rare photos and a patch while the deluxe numbered box set of "Ride The Lightning" includes four vinyl records, six CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including more of those unseen photos, a mini-book of lyrics handwritten by James Hetfield and a set of three posters. The deluxe box sets are limited-edition collectors' items.

METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct", has jumped from No. 19 to No. 5 on The Billboard 200 chart this week, with 50,000 units (up 110 percent) and 48,000 in traditional album sales (up 120 percent). The gain is owed mostly to a concert ticket/album bundle sale redemption promotion with the band's stadium tour that went on sale on February 17. Redemptions of albums included with the purchase of a concert ticket register as a sale in the week the customer redeems/receives the album.

Talking to magazine Humanity, Lars Ulrich reflected on how the new Metallica studio album is going to sound. "It definitely sounds like Metallica” said the drummer. “It's probably a little less frenetic than the last record. The last on Rick Rubin really encouraged us to for the first time be inspired by our past. It was the first time we sort of looked in the rearview mirror. This time around it's a little bit of a different thing. We're not working with Rick, we're working with the engineer from the last record, who's producing, Greg Fidelman. So there's some of the same production elements at play, but we're expanding a little bit on the sonics. It's probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one. It's exciting, but I don't have quite the perspective yet”, Lars added.

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Metallica are contending for heavy metal’s biggest box set with their upcoming release, which of course

Metallica just released another new song from their upcoming album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct", “Moth Into Flame”, which you can watch below…


During at their show at Rose Bowl, Pasadena on Saturday July 29th Metallica paid a small tribute to Van Halen playing “Runnin’ With The Devil” before “Seek And Destroy”. Their version was a minute long as you can watch on the video below. The crowd reaction was amazing…

METALLICA has finally completed work on its tenth studio album, "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct", for a November 18 release via Blackened Recordings. The long-awaited follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" consists of two discs, containing a dozen songs and nearly 80 minutes of music.

"Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" was produced by Greg Fidelman with frontman James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. The band recorded the disc at its own studio.

Says METALLICA in a new post on its web site: "Guess what?!? It's DONE! We have put the finishing touches on our next album, 'Hardwired…To Self-Destruct', and are looking forward to the next phase of unleashing it to the world, waking the monster that is METALLICA and hitting the road.

"As we were in the 11th hour of wrapping it up, it dawned on us that we have never shared with you in any sort of cohesive 'official' manner the extensive covers we have worked on since 'Death Magnetic'. While digging into the bonus options to complement the 12-song album with additional material, we realized that none of our versions of these songs from some of our favorite and most respected artists have been readily available on our very own Blackened Recordings. So with that said, we're here to tell you about some changes we've made to the deluxe versions of 'Hardwired...' in place of the previously announced 'Riff Origins'.

"The 2016 version of 'Lords Of Summer' from the studio in its full glory, as originally promised, is still included, but now we've added the 'Ronnie Rising Medley', originally only available only on the 'Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Life' tribute album, along with the IRON MAIDEN cover of 'Remember Tomorrow' rounded out by DEEP PURPLE's 'When A Blind Man Cries'. And, by the way, all of these tracks have been recently remastered for optimum 2016 sound quality. Just for fun (and because there was room!) the special set we did at Rasputin's in Berkeley, California on Record Store Day 2016 to celebrate the reissues of 'Kill 'Em All' and 'Ride The Lightning' is here all remixed and mastered.

"Lastly we had such an amazing time being a part of the first weekend of events ever held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis last month. It was an honor and a thrill to test out 'Hardwired' live there and we just had to commemorate the debut by including the recording from that night here."

Updated "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" track listing:

Deluxe Edition (Digital Download & CD)

Disc One

01. Hardwired
02. Atlas, Rise!
03. Now That We're Dead
04. Moth Into Flame
05. Dream No More
06. Halo On Fire

Disc Two

01. Confusion
02. ManUNkind
03. Here Comes Revenge
04. Am I Savage?
05. Murder One
06. Spit Out the Bone

Disc Three (Bonus)

01. Lords of Summer
02. Ronnie Rising Medley
03. When a Blind Man Cries
04. Remember Tomorrow
05. Helpless (Live at Rasputin Music)
06. Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
07. The Four Horsemen (Live at Rasputin Music)
08. Ride the Lightning (Live at Rasputin Music)
09. Fade to Black (Live at Rasputin Music)
10. Jump in the Fire (Live at Rasputin Music)
11. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live at Rasputin Music)
12. Creeping Death (Live at Rasputin Music)
13. Metal Militia (Live at Rasputin Music)
14. Hardwired (Live in Minneapolis)

During this year’s Record Store Day Metallica visited the house where everything started for them in El Cerrito in San Fransisco. The band moved from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 1983 to play with Cliff Burton. During the visit the band was joined by friends, relatives, crew, as well as the town’s Mayor, Greg Lyman. James Hetfield said: “This is unbelievable to be back in this place. I think we’ve all kind of forgotten a lot of stuff that’s happened in our history and this is a great way to jog our memories and to see people’s faces here, as well. We are so grateful for everyone that’s here and has been a part of this with us”. Lars Ulrich revealed that the band was planning to buy the house’s garage and put it in its headquarters but it’s now gone. The drummer also made a joke about it saying: “Whoever’s got the garage, please return it, because maybe we would finish the new record quicker if we were in that garage.”

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