Anthrax’s Scott Ian transforms into a White Walked from the popular series “Game Of Thrones” with the aid of special designers and makeup artists. You can watch a video shot from Nerdist below showing step by step how the guitarist became a mythical monster with blue eyes, armor and the assorted accessories…

- Minor spoiler alert-

Mastodon’s drummer, Brann Bailor, made a cameo on last night’s “Game Of Thrones” seventh season premiere that was aired in the States. Specifically, on the second scene of the episode where the white walkers march you clearly see Bailor among them. Remember that on the series previous season all three Mastodon members, τρεις Brann Dailor, Brent Hinds,Bill Kelliher, showed up as wildlings that were transformed to white walkers. In an interview last year Brent Hinds said that the band would return to the popular series, was that what he was referring to, or are we going to see them in more scenes in future episodes? It remains to be seen. Meanwhile, winter is here!

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