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01 Aug


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Def Leppard shared the second part of the mini documentary that celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Hysteria”. "I look back at the whole Hysteria experience with excitement along with fond and tragic memories. It was our commercial zenith thanks to Mutt Lange's insistence that we create an artistic hybrid between hard rock and pop top 40 music using every genre available as an inspiration. It was a rock album that would garner seven hit singles. Mission accomplished”, says Phil Colen.

In case you missed the first part you can watch it below...

The Brits announced the release of yet another live recorded/shot CD/DVD/Blu-ray, titled “And There Will Be A Next Time” for February 10th via Eagle Rock Entertainment. The release will feature material shot at the band’s show at the DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan. Comments Joe Elliot: “I had this idea that we should film one of the shows from the 2016 tour because apart from the ‘Viva Hysteria’ shows, we hadn’t actually had a live performance filmed since 1988. With a new album out that was being so well received, it was just a case of where to do it. From the second the house lights went down, we could see the sun setting from the stage, and the energy from the crowd just seemed to intensify. It was a good choice and a great way to document Def Leppard in 2016.” The DVD set will include the official music videos for “Let’s Go”, “Dangerous”, and “Man Enough”, and the lyric video for “Let’s Go”, as a bonus. Finally, Def Leppard and Eagle Rock Entertainment recently launched a special PledgeMusic pre-order. Fans who participate will gain early access to a few select tracks, including “Dangerous” and “Rock On” as well as exclusive merchandise from PledgeMusic for a rather serious amount of money.

Check out the brand new video for "Animal" here!


24 Jun


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Def Leppard released their third music video for the song "Man Enough" from their recent selt-titled album. The video was directed by Frank Gryner, as on "Let's Go" and "Dangerous". "Man Enough" was shot in Little Rock, Arizona on May 11th, just before the band's show at the Verizon Arena.

Sad news for all the fans of Def Leppard and hard rock music as Vivian Campbell has posted the following update on his website:

Atria Books has acquired North American and audio rights to a memoir by Phil Collen, lead guitarist for rock band DEF LEPPARD

According to the ever reliable, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was recently interviewed by the Indiana press and mentioned new studio sessions. "We’ve got South America, do a month down there. Then we have some new songs. We’ve had some new song ideas on the go, and after that we’ll start recording. You don’t have to be in the studio to do it these days; you can get stuff down on your laptop as you go and tweak it like that. That’s exciting, we’ll probably have an EP album for next year." put online yesterday the following piece of news regarding the new

DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott spoke to Grand Forks Herald about the band's forthcoming

According to Rolling Stone, DEF LEPPARD will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its 1987 album "Hysteria" with the release of a remastered box set, due on August 4 via Universal.
The reissue will be available in multiple formats: the 1-CD "Vanilla" version, a 3-CD Deluxe version, a 2-LP set on black vinyl, a 2-LP "Direct to Consumer" version on limited-edition colored vinyl and a massive, 5-CD/2-DVD Super Deluxe Edition.
The Deluxe edition includes a number of additional rare tracks, including B-sides, radio edits, extended versions, alternate mixes and a BBC Radio "Classic Albums" documentary on "Hysteria".
The Super Deluxe Edition also includes four books ("Story Of", a Ross Halfin photo book, vintage tour program and poster). The two additional CDs include an audio version of the band's 1989 concert film, "Live: In The Round, In Your Face", recorded during the U.S. "Hysteria" tour. The two DVDs feature a series of promotional videos and live performance clips, along with the "Classic Albums" documentary.
"Hysteria 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition" track listing:
CD One (Remastered "Hysteria")
01. Women
02. Rocket
03. Animal
04. Love Bites
05. Pour Some Sugar On Me
06. Armageddon It
07. Gods Of War
08. Don't Shoot Shotgun
09. Run Riot
10. Hysteria
11. Excitable
12. Love And Affection
CD Two
01. Tear It Down (B-side)
02. I Wanna Be Your Hero (Retro Active)
03. Ride Into The Sun (Retro Active)
04. Ring Of Fire (B-Side)
05. Women (Radio Edit)
06. Rocket (Lunar Mix) (Radio Edit)
07. Love Bites (Radio Edit)
08. Hysteria (Radio Edit)
09. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Radio Edit)
10. Armageddon It (Radio Edit)
11. Release Me (Stumpus Maximus)
12. Classic Album – Hysteria (BBC Radio Documentary)
CD Three
01. Rocket (The Lunar Mix - Extended Version) (B-Side)
02. Armageddon It (The Nuclear Mix) (12" Single)
03. Animal (Extended Version)
04. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Extended Version)
05. Excitable (The Orgasmic Mix) (B-Side)
06. Rocket (Lunar Mix) (B-Side)
07. Rock Of Ages (Live) (B-Side)
08. Love And Affection (Live) (B-Side)
09. Billy's Got A Gun (Live) (B-Side)
CD Four: "In The Round, In Your Face" (Live)
01. Stagefright
02. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
03. Women
04. Too Late For Love
05. Hysteria
06. Gods Of War
07. Die Hard The Hunter
CD Five: "In The Round, In Your Face" (Live)
01. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
02. Foolin'
03. Armageddon It
04. Animal
05. Pour Some Sugar On Me
06. Phil Solo
07. Rock Of Ages
08. Photograph
01. Rocket (Top Of The Pops)
02. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Top Of The Pops)
03. Animal (Top Of The Pops)
04. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Brit Awards)
05. Women (Promo Video)
06. Animal (Promo Video)
07. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Promo Video)
08. Pour Some Sugar On Me (U.S. Version Live)
09. Hysteria (Promo Video)
10. Love Bites (Promo Video)
11. Rocket (Promo Video)
12. Armageddon It (Live) (Promo Video)
DVD Two ("Classic Albums")
01. Introduction
02. Animal
03. Hysteria
04. Rocket
05. Love Bites
06. Pour Some Sugar On Me
Bonus Material
07. Initial Recordings Of Animal
08. Rick Gets Hysterical
09. Hysteria (Acoustic Performance)
10. Drumming - Return To The Status Quo
11. The Album According To Joe
12. Sugar Stripped Down
13. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Acoustic Performance)
14. Guitars, Guitars, Guitars
15. Windmill II And The Gods Of War
16. Mutt's Vocals In The Mix
17. The Album Is Finally Released

If we exclude “Animal Instinct” that was first published in 1988 from Def Leppard’s own company ‘Bludgeon Riffola’, there is no other official biography regarding the British hard rockers. This specific book was released in 1995 and despite the fact that it is not authorized in any way by the band, it is fully detailed and covers a period from the band’s first steps up to 1995.


The focus is done on each and every Leppard record up to “Retroactive”, while Dickson makes a reference on an unreleased at that time compilation that the group prepares, but he has no further information at that point (ed. note “He is talking about the “Vault” album that saw the light of day some months after the release of “Biographize”). Dave Dickson has done quite a research by compiling various band members’ statements and comments through the years and all in all presents a text that flaws without being tiring in any case. A positive side note is the fact that the writer doesn’t miss a chance to display his unique, British humor.


Special mention must be made to the chapters that are referring to Rick Allen’s accident and his subsequent stay in hospital for many months, Steve Clark’s death and the band’s courage to carry on and talk openly about their former’s late guitarist alcohol problem and finally Dickson’s emphasis to point out that Joe Elliott is making the majority of the group’s decision with Rick Savage being his right hand.


There is also a 10-page photographic inlay (the 1978 photo in the ruins is perfect...), while in the end we find a detailed index with discography, videography, singles’ chart position etc.


A book for every Def Leppard fan out there and all the rock book readers!


Sakis Nikas

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