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Ritchie Blackmore has gotten over his bad feelings about Deep Purple, and he’d play with them again if he was invited, he’s said.
The guitarist co-founded he iconic British outfit in 1968 and played a leading role in all lineups until they split up in 1975. He took part in the reunion of the Mark II band lineup in 1984 but quit in 1993 – and spent many years making negative comments about his former colleagues.
Asked about his feelings for the band now, Blackmore told The Guardian that he “bears no malice” and that he’d agree to work with them if he received an invitation – but he added: “It’s probably not probable, though.”

In a brand new interview with Metal Express Radio, legendary bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes

09 Mar


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Οι Deep Purple, ετοιμάζονται να κυκλοφορήσουν το νέο τους άλμπουμ “inFinite” τον Απρίλιο και μας προϊδεάζουν το πρώτο single. Το “All I Got Is You” παίρνει σάρκα και όστα μέσα από το video clip, το οποίο περιλαμβάνει υλικό από το documentary που θα κυκλοφορήσει σε special edition μαζί με το άλμπουμ. Το “inFinite” θα κυκλοφορήσει στις 7 Απριλίου από τη Feelgood Records.

During a July 2016 interview with the Dutch radio station Radio Veronica, former DEEP PURPLE guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was asked if he approves of the fact that the band is still touring and making albums, more than twenty years after he left the group: "I don't really have much say in it. I left them twenty years ago. But I think, personally, they're milking it a bit too much. And I hear that from a lot of people — that they just keep going. If I was them, I would give it a five-year rest or something. Some of them are not very happy at home, so they like to be on the road. For me, they're doing their thing, which is… What I told them at the time when I left, I said, 'Just get another guitar player. It's no big deal.' So they do their thing."
He continued: "I think they kind of work too hard. And I blame their agent. I know their agent, and I think he's a bit of a whip. They'll work in North India, then be in Australia, then South America, and, of course, now it's showing — a couple of them are starting to become very sick. Ian [Gillan], the singer, he gets sick very often, so I really think they should take a rest, but that's up to them."
Blackmore added: "I remember [late DEEP PURPLE keyboardist] Jon Lord saying, when he was in the band, 'I don't know if this band will ever know when to stop.' I thought that was quite funny."
Ritchie, who turned 71 in April, also talked about his health and how it is affected by the touring life with BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, in which he is joined by his wife, Candice Night. He said: "Optically, I'm deteriorating very fast, as we all are. All my friends are passing away. Some of my enemies are passing away too. But we try and keep up with it.

07 Nov


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earMusic/Edel will start a series of Jon Lord reissues with the release of “Gemini Suite” on November 25, 2016.
The album, recorded at Abbey Road und De Lane Leo Studios with the London Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold features performaces by Albert Lee, Yvonne Elliman, Tony Ashton and Jon Lords Deep Purple bandmates Roger Glover and Ian Paice.

DEEP PURPLE, CHEAP TRICK, N.W.A., CHICAGO and Steve Miller will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 8, 2016 during a ceremony at Brooklyn, New York's Barclays Center, with tickets on sale to the public in February. HBO will broadcast the show in the spring.

To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. The 2016 nominees had to release their first recording no later than 1990.

The DEEP PURPLE members that are being inducted are: Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Rod Evans, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord and Ian Paice. Asked if he thinks that makes sense to bring in those people, Paice told Rolling Stone: "I suppose it does. Realistically, you'd like to think that anyone who was ever in the band made a contribution and should really be listed. It doesn't matter if they were there for an album or two; everyone who was in the band actually contributed to the fact we're still there. All these people, from the very beginning to the current lineup, [have] helped maintain PURPLE as a viable touring entity that a lot of people around the world really enjoy. So to pick some over others, I wouldn't have done it that way."

Drummer Ian Paice of legendary British hard rockers DEEP PURPLE spoke to music journalist Gary Graff about the band's plans to record the follow-up to 2013's "Now What?!" album. He said: "We all come over to your huge country [USA] after the Christmas break. We start around the end of January. We go back into the studio in Nashville with [producer] Bob Ezrin [KISS, PINK FLOYD, PETER GABRIEL, ALICE COOPER, KANSAS]. We had such a great time making the last record that we just want to try and duplicate that the next time around. We've got plenty of material, probably more than we need, but there is a weeding process that, you know, happens when you start listening back in clarity. So, you know, the runts of the litter will be discarded and the best ten or eleven tracks will be worked on."

Edel will be re-releasing Rapture of the Deep, Now What?! and Live Tapes as a 3CD box set on June 26.

Roger Glover has posted the first studio report from the new album sessions:
We started the next album in Nashville on the 28th January. Thirteen days of pre-production and thirteen days recording in the studio. Lucky thirteen because we have thirteen tracks, all but finished except for vocals. Coincidence or what? How many will end up on he album is hard to tell yet… maybe all of them, maybe not. I won’t even begin to describe the music––an impossible job in any case. Suffice to say I’ve been listening to the rough mixes and there’s a smile on my face. Bob Ezrin and the team did their usual superb job. The next stage will be IG and I spending a week together, honing up on the lyrics before recording vocals in Toronto in April. It was a real pleasure to meet up and jam with our Nashville friends. It’s a great city to be in, all kinds of nightlife, live music everywhere. It almost feels like being back in the 60s. Don and I went to see Diana Ross with the Nashville Philharmonic one night, the place was jumping, great band, she was exactly what is expected, voice, teeth and costume changes, etc. Jay and Dave of Rival Sons came to visit us in the studio when their tour hit town. We saw them do a fantastic gig that night, what a great band.
RG – March 2016

Οι αγαπημένοι του Montreux –δεν νομίζω ότι η πόλη έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί ποτέ σε άλλο τραγούδι πλην του αθάνατου “Smoke On The Water”- επιστρέφουν στον τόπο του εγκλήματος και αυτή τη φορά έχουν μαζί τους και ολόκληρη ορχήστρα, αν και δεν παίζουν το “Concerto…”

Φυσικά, για ένα συγκρότημα μύθο-θρύλο, όπως θέλετε πείτε το δεν υπάρχουν και πολλά να σχολιάσει κανείς, ειδικά όταν πρόκειται για μια μπάντα φτιαγμένη για το σανίδι. Το βαρόμετρο ωστόσο στις συναυλίες των Deep Purple τα τελευταία δέκα και πλέον χρόνια είναι η απόδοση του Ian Gillan. Αυτό είναι το στοιχείο που μπορεί να αλλάξει τα δεδομένα και να κάνει τη διαφορά από ένα απλό καλό live σε ένα εξαιρετικό. Ο 66χρονος τραγουδιστής φαίνεται πως είναι σε μια από τις καλές του βραδιές –τηρουμένων των αναλογιών- γεγονός που μας ανακουφίζει αφού ξέρουμε ότι θα παρακολουθήσουμε ένα καλό show.

Τα υπόλοιπα είναι όπως τα ξέρετε, ή μάλλον όπως τα φαντάζεστε… Paice-Glover-Morse-Airey βγάζουν φλόγες, τα δίνουν όλα και για ακόμη μια φορά εντυπωσιάζουν ακόμα και τα μέλη της Ορχήστρας του Βερολίνου που τους χαζεύουν με θαυμασμό. Στα highlights η επιλογή του “Hard Lovin’ Man” από το “In Rock”, το “No One Came” από το “Fireball”, το “When A Blind Man Cries”, η «μονομαχία» του Don Airey με την ορχήστρα στο σόλο του, που ως συνήθως περνάει από διάφορα άλλα μουσικά θέματα και φυσικά το καθιερωμένο τζαμάρισμα πριν το “Hush” που αυτή τη φορά περιλαμβάνει το “Green Onions” των Booker T G The MG’s.

Στα έξτρα του DVD πέντε συνεντεύξεις με το κάθε μέλος ξεχωριστά όπου ο Ian Gillan αναφέρει αρκετές φορές τον Blackmore και εξηγεί τι σχέση έχουν οι γυναίκες με τα κόνγκας και τους χειριστές κομπρεσέρ…

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