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As the days for Arch Enemy’s live shows draw closer the band is rehearsing and opens the door of the studio to give as a sneak peek in the short video you can check out below.  Alyssa White-Gluz leads the way into the studio just to get a taste of the band practice. Arch Enemy will be playing in festivals during the summer, while they tour around Europe in the fall with Jinjer before they head to the States on a co-headline tour with Trivium and While She Sleeps and Fit For An Autopsy supporting. On September 8th the new album “Will To Power” is out through Century Media. Remember that the band plays two shows in Greece, in Athens and Thessaloniki on September 22nd and 23rd respectively.


In a recent interview on Eyescream All Access Arch Enemy’s lead singer, Alissa White Gluz said between others that there might be a chance for more clean vocals in the band’s future works. “I love singing clean also, which is one of the reasons I wanted to continue with my old bands and stuff like that, and it's one of the reasons that I am continuing with Kamelot. (…) I think in Arch Enemy, there's a couple of songs where there actually is some clean singing, but you have to listen very, very closely to hear it. Like on the chorus of 'Avalanche', for example, I'm actually singing that [laughs], but I'm singing it with a lot of rasp. And, you know, in the future, if some songs seem like they would sound good with clean singing, I'm sure we would all be open to doing it. I mean, there's some songs (on previous albums) from Arch Enemy (that had clean vocals), but it's not Angela singing; it's a guest.

Arch Enemy published a new video from their forthcoming album “Will To Power” for the song “The World Is Yours”. The specific song was the first that Michael Amott put down for the new album: "We've been hard at work on the new album for a while now and we're proud to present the first taste of new Arch Enemy music in over three years with our new single and video, “The World Is Yours”! This was the first song I wrote for the upcoming Will To Power album and Daniel (Erlandsson, drums) helped me arrange and finish it up. One of many songs we co-wrote and co-produced this time around. We had a blast recording together with the full band in the south of Sweden and then mixing with Jens Bogren, who did a superb mix and mastering - in my opinion even surpassing the epic sound on our previous record, War Eternal. People that have heard this song in particular are saying it's got the classic anthemic Arch Enemy vibe going on, and I think they might be right about that... Looking forward to playing it live on stage later this summer!"

29 Jan


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Century Media released a video for “War Eternal” from the forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray from Arch Enemy “As Stages Burn”, which is out on March 31st. It features the entire show the band played at Wacken in 2016 plus behind the scenes material. Also, this is the first official release of the band with Jeff Loomis as part of their lineup. What’s impressive is the crowd’s apathy during the band’s performance. Honestly, we cannot imagine what would happened in the mosh pit if they were filming this in Greece…

Conny Schiffbauer of Germany's Rock Hard magazine conducted an interview with ARCH ENEMY singer Alissa White-Gluz and guitarist Michael Amott during this year's 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise.
On the status of the upcoming ARCH ENEMY album:
Michael: "The new album is written. It's partially recorded. Right now, Alissa living in Canada and I'm in Sweden, we've been e-mailing files and stuff to each other. I'd send her a demo, and then she'd put vocals on that in her home studio, sends it back, and I say, 'Great.' You know, it's just been kind of like that — working a bit separately. And after this cruise, we're actually gonna get together in Sweden at some point and… you know, there's a lot of stuff left to do — all the guitars and vocals and bass."

During Arch Enemy’s press conference at Wacken last Friday, the band’s leader, Michael Amott, announced the release of a live album and that the band is currently writing new material. "We've just taken six months off the road, so we used some of that to write new material”, said Amott. “I've been writing a lot, as I always have, and, of course, Alissa is still writing lyrics. And I've been writing with Jeff Loomis as well, our latest addition to the band. I'm very excited about that." As for the live album he said: "We're gonna release a live release — you know, a live album, a live DVD, live Blu-ray, whatever… all that whole thing. That's gonna be a very elaborate package, with a lot of bonus material and kind of telling the story from our two-year-old 'War Eternal' story.

PRESS RELEASE: Arch Enemy presents a new live DVD, As The Stages Burn!, of their largest stage production to date from their performance last summer at the WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival in Germany. This performance marks the pinnacle of a highly successful album campaign in support of War Eternal. It all began in March of 2014 when the band announced new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz as well as the video for the album title track, "War Eternal". This debut track went on to become the bands most successful video in their career, surpassing 20 million views on YouTube. The release of the War Eternal album also saw Arch Enemy reaching their highest US and German chart positions to date while going on to play over 200 shows in over 40 countries around the world. In late 2014, Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore) joined ARCH ENEMY during the world tour with Kreator and in 2015 they played arenas as direct support for Nightwish.
The DVD highlights an impressive live production fans have never seen before! As The Stages Burn! is scheduled for a worldwide release through Century Media Records on March 31st, 2017. More details will be revealed shortly, stay tuned.
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30.03.2017 - Zeche, Bochum, Germany *
31.03.2017 - Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany *
01.04.2017 - Rock in Hell, Colmar, France *
02.04.2017 - Heavy Scotland, Edinburgh, UK
04.04.2017 - Neue Stadthalle, Langen (Hessen), Germany **
05.04.2017 - Backstage Werk, München, Germany **
06.04.2017 -Saarbrücken - Garage, Germany **
07.04.2017 - Durbuy Rock Festival, Durbuy, Belgium **
08.04.2017 - Betiz Fest, Cambrai, France *
09.04.2017 -Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik, Germany **
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ARCH ENEMY Festivals 2017:
02.02.2017 - 70000 Tons Of Metal - Miami, FL
06.07.2017 - Rock Harz Festival, Ballenstedt, Germany
14.07.2017 - Gefle Metal Festival , Gävle, Sweden
05.08.2017 - Ostrava v Plamenech, Ostrava, Czech Republic
10.08.2017 - Leyendas Del Rock, Villena, Spain
11.08.2017 - Vagos Metal Fest, Vagos, Portugal
12.08.2017 - Into The Grave, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Arch Enemy’s guitarist, Michael Amott, talked with Malcome Dome about the lack of song writing from Jeff Loomis, their chemistry, as well as about a special guest in the new album, “Will To Power” which is out on September 5th through Century Media. “(Loomis) is a strong songwriter, but not in the style of Arch Enemy, I feel. He's always writing and recording with his own stuff. He has a project called Conquering Dystopia, he has his solo stuff, [and] he obviously wrote most of the Nevermore stuff. I've always respected him, and continue to respect him, as a guitar player — he's amazing and an amazing human being; he fits in perfectly. [There's] a great chemistry [between us]. But, you know, I've always written most of the music, so it's difficult to… I don't really wanna change the sound of the band too much. The band sort of started around my songwriting and my ideas, and those continue to be the most dominant ones, I guess. But, you know, who knows [what can happen] in the future?" says Amott. He aslo talked about how their bothe styles in guitar blend: “his style is very different to our previous guitar players — my brother or whoever else was playing with us. But we have very constrasting styles, which is great. And he can play a lot of stuff on the guitar that I can't play, and I can play stuff that he can't play, so we just have that great… But when we lock together in the harmonies an the motifs, I think it's very strong. He's got a lot of classic metal as well inside of him. I think he's just been working in a different field for a very long time, he's not really… But he started off, obviously, with the same kind of roots that… We have a lot of common ground." Finally, he revelaed the contribution of a special guest in the new album, keyboardist Jens Johansson: “I met him in a hotel bar in Tokyo. We started talking, and I said, 'I'm in this band Arch Enemy.' And he stopped [and said], 'That's one of my favorite bands.' I was, like, 'Really? Okay. Great. You're playing on our next album. How much money do you want to play on our album?' And he said, 'How much do I have to pay you to play on your album?' He really wanted to do it. So, a year later, I sent him a song. I said, 'Can you come up with something for this?' And he did. So that was great. He's on two songs, I think. He plays some great, very classical-inspired stuff on 'Dreams Of Retribution' with the harpsichord. It's got that real almost neoclassical feel. It's great. It's a fun addition to the band."

TJ of the "Do You Know Jack?" radio show conducted an interview with ARCH ENEMY

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