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29 Aug


Published in Interviews

Sometimes they say that dreams can come true especially if you insist and keep on dreaming even though it seems quite unlikely that these dreams will eventually become reality. So many of us have been waiting lots of years for this specific dream to become reality…Warlord in Greece for three shows…unbelievable! Well, come to think about it, if you had told me that Warlord would release a brand new album after so many years of absence, I’d have said the same thing.

A few days before the 2014 Warlord shows RockpagesTV crew got into Angelo Vafiadis studio where the band was preparing for its first live performances with new singer Nicholas Leptos. Bill Tsamis and Mark Zonder talked about the band's chemistry, the new album and shared a couple of stories. Interview: Sakis Nikas, Camera: Yiannis Dolas, Editing/Post Production: Open Field Team, Photos: Yiannis Dolas, YouTube Videos: dinos theocharidis, LordElricGr,blackie2380,jimichaos13,Nalle Osterman, 000em1re000


02 Sep


Published in News

The new Warlord album, “The Hunt For Damien”, will be released on October 1st through Empire Records.

The mighty Warlord was just announced for Chania Rock Festival. Here's the official press release:We are thrilled to announce the mighty Warlord for an EXCLUSIVE 2017 EUROPEAN SHOW!
They will be playing Chania Rock Festival 2017 Saturday, July 1st.
Band formed in 1980 and based in Los Angeles, California. Since its formation has been led by guitarist Bill Tsamis and drummer Mark Zonder.
WARLORD will hit the stage fronted by Nicholas Leptos (Arrayan Path main man), Philip Earl Bynoe as bassist (a three-time Grammy nominee and Emmy Award-winning / Steve Vai bassist), Paulo Viani on guitar and Angelo Vafeiadis on keyboards.
Get limited early bird tickets here:

⦿ NO REMORSE (Athens)
⦿ SIRENS (Athens)
⦿ NEPHILIM (Thessaloniki)
⦿ ROUTE 66 (Heraklion)
⦿ CHAPLIN'S (Rethymno)
⦿ BEATNIK (Rethymno)
⦿ AVALON (Chania)

Fifteen months after those two unforgettable sold out shows at Gagarin 205, Warlord came back to Greece, one of few, if not the only that supported the historical band. The crowd was expected to be smaller, due to the sort time between their last visit, as well as that July is not the best time for an indoor show in Greece.

Since we had the chance and pleasure to sit down with Bill Tsamis and Mark Zonder for a TV Interview that we published recently here at Rockpages, we thought that it would be most appropriate to ask Rick Anderson a few questions about the new Warlord album. As you will read below, his answers were really interesting and detailed.

Interview: Sakis Nikas

Now that the effect of the Cretan sun combined with the summer vacations starts to wear off, I believe I can try to write some words concerning the best Rock and Metal festival of Greece. Yes, it’s that simple. Chania Rock Festival has become the best one of its kind and that is because of the combination of various reasons. Location, organization and participating bands. The decision to move the festival inside the San Salvatore bastion 4 years ago, was a total winner.

21 Jul

Warlord Kyttaro

Published in Live Reports

The fourth appearance of Warlord in Greece in 2014 took place Monday night at Kyttaro. The amount of people I believe was satisfactory, considering they had the chance to see the band just two weeks ago. The low price and the fact that the money went to a good cause, helping Maria from Astarte with her health problems, surely helped to that effect.

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