An introduction to such a performance may be the hardest part and with the least interest if I dare say. I have no inspiration for an introduction whatsoever to be honest with you. The unique sentiment, that I attended the last performance of the half a century history of Black Sabbath, and of the metal itself, all set at the neighborhood where they were born and made their first steps, completely justifies the way someone, who grew up listening to this huge band, feels.

Tony Iommi revealed to Australia's "The Music" that he hopes to work again with ex-Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin in new material recording to be included in "TYR" and "Headless Cross" reissues. "We've held back on the reissues of those albums because of the current Sabbath thing, but they will certainly be happening," Iommi said. "I'd like to do a couple of new tracks for those releases with Tony Martin," he added. "I'll also be looking at working on 'Cross Purposes' (1994) and 'Forbidden' (1995)". Just a reminder the two Tony's met a couple of months ago at the unveiling of a Cozy Powell honorary plaque and the singer mentioned the possibility of this collaboration. Can't wait!

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