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15 Mar


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Former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen will release a new heavy rock album, "The Shadow Self", on August 5 via earMUSIC. Over the last couple of weeks, the Finnish solo artist has been teasing her fans on various occasions, revealing bits and pieces of the new disc.
"I am very excited to finally be able to share the first details of my new heavy rock album with all of you," said Tarja. "'The Shadow Self' is full of songs that are very dear to me. I cannot wait for you to hear the record that I believe is one of my heaviest albums to date.Keep your eyes open as there will be many surprises along the way to the album release on August 5. I really mean it. Surprises will follow very soon."

"The Shadow Self" is now available for pre-order in various formats, including standard CD and special edition CD+DVD.

07 Feb

Tarja @ Fuzz Live

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This was another of many Tarja shows in front of the Greek crowd that adores her, which means a lot and the expectations are high.

02 Nov

Tarja - Act I

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Here comes the first live album by Tarja. And when I say “live album”, I mean a regular live album excluding the usual orchestras, Christmas songs and various other projects that the Finnish singer has come up with in the past. This is what we get when we see Tarja in action with her steady band. This double c.d. feature could have easily been accompanied by the respective DVD, as both depict sonically the same concerts.

If someone was in a dilemma in regards of what to choose out of the two products, I believe that he/she will be inclined towards the purchase of the DVD, not only because there is the visual element (take a look at our review on the DVD section) but also because there are many moments missing on the c.d. that are really essential. I wasn’t really disappointed by the absence of Mike Terrana’s drum solo but mainly because I would have loved to have on c.d. the acoustic parts of the show. As for the inclusion of “Still of the Night”...well, this could easily be characterized as an unfitting addition.

Another striking point –from a negative side- was the interception in between the songs that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes down to the regular flow of a c.d. (the person behind the mix of the album is surely responsible). The final result should have been the one of projecting a complete concert (although we have two different performances here).

Again, I believe that this release should have been a double feature including both the c.d. and the DVD.

Dimitris Kazantzis 

There are some artists/bands, especially popular to the Greek audience and I imagine that something similar happens to every territory and that regardless of the financial difficulties of present times, they will pay the steep price of the ticket in order to see them live even for the umpteenth time.

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