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Finnish melodic metallers STRATOVARIUS are putting the finishing touches

From The Vaults of RockpagesTV: Stratovarius playing "Hunting High And Low" in Athens, Greece on January 21 2011 at Fuzz Club. This song was recorded with the approvement of both the band and promoter to be used in the interview with the band. Stratovarius was supporting Helloween on their tour.

Check out our interview with Timo Kotipelto here: English -
Greek -

"Hunting High And Low" comes from the album "Infinite" released from Nuclear Blast in 2001, all rights reserved. RockpagesTV is sharing this live recording from Stratovarius performance without any interest, financial or other, just to provide music fans in Greece and beyond the opoportunity to enjoy it.

Timo Tolkki will embark on a 2017 tour where he will exclusively perform "Songs From His Career", including STRATOVARIUS favorites "Black Diamond", "Hunting High And Low", "Father Time" and "Against The Wind". Joining him on stage will be keyboard player Mikko Harkin (ex-SONATA ARCTICA, SYMFONIA); bassist Santtu Lehtiniemi; drummer Alex Landenburg (RHAPSODY) ; and vocalist Mike Livas. Timo handpicked Mike, having discovered his faithful but also quite passionate renditions of some old STRATOVARIUS favorites.

17 Sep


Published in Interviews

Given the chance of Stratovarius' new album "Eternal" we had the opportunity to talk with Timo Kotipelto about the band's new work, power metal in general, their influence to other bands, Maiden (!), their best moments and the chances of reconnecting... with their past. Plus, we dug up a video from January 2011 when the band was playing in Athens, Greece that you can enjoy below. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

The "Best Of" is going to be released as 2CD standard edition, digital and as 3CD limited edition in a high-quality packaging, including the exclusive 60-minute bonus CD "Live At Wacken 2015". Both editions include liner notes written by exceptional keyboardist Jens Johansson as well as rare picture material from the band's private archive.
As a special treat, the "Best Of" includes the brand new song "Until The End Of Days" from the current band lineup consisting of Timo Kotipelto, Jens Johansson, Mattias Kupainen, Lauri Porra and Rolf Pilve.

"Best Of" track listing:


01. Until The End Of Days (brand new song)
02. My Eternal Dream
03. Eagleheart
04. Speed Of Light
05. S.O.S.
06. Forever Free
07. Wings Of Tomorrow
08. No Turning Back
09. Break The Ice
10. Distant Skies
11. Will The Sun Rise?
12. A Million Light Years Away
13. Under Flaming Skies
14. Darkest Hours
15. Winter Skies
16. I Walk To My Own Song
17. Maniac Dance


01. Halcyon Days
02. Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace?
03. Destiny
04. Paradise
05. Deep Unknown
06. Elysium
07. Black Diamond
08. If The Story Is Over
09. Unbreakable
10. Forever
11. Shine In The Dark
12. Hunting High And Low

CD3 - Live At Wacken 2015 (only available on limited edition)

01. Intro
02. Black Diamond
03. Eagleheart
04. Against The Wind
05. Dragons
06. Legions Of The Twilight
07. Paradise
08. Shine In The Dark
09. Speed Of Light
10. Unbreakable
11. Hunting High And Low

Arriving at the venue twenty min after eight… The Silent Rage are already on stage, bolstering power and Metal, playing the first song off their set. I’m moving towards the stage. Sound is not the best and I blame the sound technicians for that, however, don’t you think it would be better to talk about the boys instead? The band is filled with passion, filled with tension and enthusiasm;

First on stage were the progsters The Silent Wedding in an almost empty Piraeus Academy. The small audience didn't discourage them, however they tried to satisfy everyone in the venue. Although there were some problems with the mixing of the sound (low volume Keyboards), they were enjoyable and left positive opinions. They played songs from their two albums, "Livin Experiments" and the recent "Enigma Eternal". Personally I enjoyed a lot songs like "Shadows & Dust", "The Return (To Ithaca)" and "Silence".

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