I am sure that everyone by now has read the review of White Widdow’s first show in Athens that took place on Sunday (4th of December). What I want you to do now is forget all about it and just focus on this simple sentence: White Widdow’s second show in Athens was the best EVER performance of the Australian outfit on Greek soil! This was a true hard rock juggernaut that blew us away leaving us with priceless and unique memories. Unfortunately, we were only a few the lucky ones who witnessed that amazing show…

First day of the festival and unfortunately the review that follows doesn’t cover all the bands that played, but just half of them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be at the venue earlier so that we can watch the entire bill, so we would like to apologize to the promoter and the bands, Ganzi Gun and Heart Attack, that we missed.

30 Sep

Kip Winger @Modu

Published in Live Reports

When it was first announced that Kip Winger would be performing two acoustic shows in Greece, the entire Greek hard rock community was counting the days as one can easily understand it’s not that frequent to enjoy so many hard rock shows in Greece, especially of Kip Winger’s level of quality. Add to all these the fact that Kip is the leader and founder of one of the most successful hard rock bands ever and you get the wider picture of those two acoustic events.

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