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In  a recent interview with Swedish magazine Rocksverige Phil Campbell revealed that he is currently working on a solo album, separately from the one he will be releasing with his sons, featuring some special guests. He already confirmed the input of Rob Halford and Slipknot’s Chris Fehn and he said: “Dee Snider is doing some vocals. Benji Webbe from Skindred has done it. I'm really lucky to get these people on it. Matt Sorum's gonna do a track. He's doing it next week. His mixing desk blew out. It's gonna be good”. As for what we should expect, Campbell has surprises in store:  "It's not gonna be what people expect. I play piano on a few tracks. I don't know, since it's not finished yet. I still gotta write another six songs for it, but it's not gonna be all totally like Motörhead. After many years it's just nice to be able to do what I want. I could do what I wanted in Motörhead, but we didn't wanna stray too far away. We'd put a saxophone in when we wanted and a piano and acoustics..."

On Friday April 1st Phic Campbell is releasing the first signle of his first ever solo album that features Rob Halford, Chris Fehn of Slipknot and Whitefield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe. Also, the Welsh guitarist is working on a book with funny stories from his rich career in Motorhead. According to an interview he gave last year to Headbanger's Lifestyle the book will contain unbelievable and weird stuff that happened and are totally characteristic of Motorhead's history.

Now that the effect of the Cretan sun combined with the summer vacations starts to wear off, I believe I can try to write some words concerning the best Rock and Metal festival of Greece. Yes, it’s that simple. Chania Rock Festival has become the best one of its kind and that is because of the combination of various reasons. Location, organization and participating bands. The decision to move the festival inside the San Salvatore bastion 4 years ago, was a total winner.




I didn’t realize it has been one year since the previous Hard Rock Hell! The place and the faces in Hafan Y Mor are so familiar now that I thought it’s been only a month since the last Hard Rock Hell festival. The truth is that at first, the line up seemed to be "poor", especially after the cancellation of the performance of Nazareth. However it wasn’t so "poor" after all.

Phil Campbell and his band, Bastard Sons, just released a lyric video from their first single, “Big Mouth”, which will be included in their debut EP on November 18th via Motorhead Music. The group is consisted of Phil’s sons, Todd, Dane and Tyla with singer Neil Starr. Cameron Webb, permanent colloaborator with Motorhead produced the 5 songs of the EP and Neil Starr gives us a heads up: “You know what you’re going to get because Phil is the riff god. You hear those Motorhead riffs – Phil wrote a lot of those.
“So there’s elements of that coming through in the music. I bring my own style to the band, but it’s just rock’n’roll music, I guess.”

07 Apr

Phil Campbell

Published in Interviews

Shortly after the performance with his all star band at Hard Rock Hell festival, Phil Campbell talks with Dimitris Kazantzis for this project with which he dealt in late 2013, the guitars he uses and also his experiences from his visits with Motorhead in Greece.

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