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27 Dec


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Greek progressive metallers Need released a lyric video for ‘Alltribe‘, it's the third single out of Need’s fourth album ‘Hegaiamas: a song for freedom’ due for release on January 17th, 2017. Musicwise the song explores new soundscapes for Need, something that’s always the band’s purpose when writing new material while lyricwise it’s a journey for freedom through the exploration of one’s self. The video was made by by Haris Kountouris and HK Visual Creations. The video can be viewed below...

Previous tracks/videos Need released from ‘Hegaiamas’, is Rememory, Tilikum (live rehearsal) and Tilikum (official audio)


1. Rememory (6.59)
2. Alltribe (7.34)
3. Therianthrope (6.29)
4. Riverthane (7.24)
5. Tilikum (7.48)
6. I.O.T.A. (5.05)
7. Hegaiamas (21.52)

Need are a band that need no introduction. From the release of their debut album in 2006 they turned a lot of heads and with very good reason. The band is ready to release their third album and decided to have a live presentation of the album. Even more the 100+ people that attended the event got the album which is entitled “ORVAM: A Song for Home” with their entrance ticket.

15 Nov


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Greek prog metal/rock band Need released an animated music video for 'Rememory', the song is taken from their forthcoming fourth album “Hegaiamas: a song for freedom”, due out on January 17, 2017. The video was created by Haris Kountouris - HK Visual Creations and can be viewed here:

Singer Jon V. says, "Rememory, being the first track of the album, circles around the invisible thread of memory often repeating itself through different times and places but always tying us tighter than we might think. The animated video, written by guitarist and main composer Ravaya and created by Haris Kountouris, is a visual representation of this idea.".

It’s not a big secret that Fates Warning has a really special bond with the Greek audience and each time the American band decides to pay a visit to our country for a concert, it’s an ideal chance for every music fan to witness one of the best progressive bands…ever! Add to the equation that Fates Warning had recently released a superb studio album called “Theories of Flight” and you realize why it was a no-brainer to catch yet another show by the guys!

The last years we have witnessed the birth of many underground metal festivals and Summer Under The Quarry is another one. For the first time it offered us 7 bands and no entrance fee. The place was ideal, although not easily accessible with public transportations, an open theatre inside the Veikos Grove.

Five years since the last time in Greece for Evergrey seems a very long time. The band came through very difficult circumstances, they even came close to disband, but two older members came back to save the day.

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