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Not many people decided to come to Gagarin for one last concert before the holidays, something more or less expected due to the circumstances (recent band visit, date, weather…).

Greek veterans of the hard rock/metal scene will have their debut album

When the announcement of this year’s Chania Rock Festival was made, it was really a no brainer if we were gonna attend the two-day festival or not! The guys behind the organization of the festival are doing a phenomenal job all these years and so all we have to do is to support this endeavor that –trust me- takes a lot of hard work, tireless efforts, money and knowledge to pull it off! This year, the bands were significant and diverse so everybody had a reason to attend the festival. But let’s take things from the very beginning…

26 Jan


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Greek heavy metal band Diviner just released a video for the track "Riders From The East" from their debut album "Fallen Empires". The album is available now on CD, LP and digital through Ulterium Records. You can check it out below!
“With the first spin “Fallen Empires” leads you through classic paths with a few modern touches, while musically it's surely closer to Innerwish than any other band whose members are involved on this one. It's obvious that there's been some very hard work done in the song writing department, since everything has its cause and nothing is left to chance.” Click here for more!

Diviner is:

Yiannis Papanikolaou [Rock 'n' Roll Children, ex. InnerWish] - Vocals
Thimios Krikos [InnerWish] - Guitar
George Maroulees [4bitten] - Guitar
Herc Booze [SiXforNinE] - Bass
Fragiskos Samoilis [InnerWish] – Drums

"Fallen Empires" artwork:
Diviner band photo:

Diviner online

Ο Δημος Γαλατσιου σε συνεργασια μεν Παναγιωτη Παπαγεωργιου (Parthian Shot), επαναλαμβανουν το περυσινο, πετυχημενο underground metal fest, με το 2ο μερος του Under The Quarry!
Φετος θα εχετε την ευκαιρια να δειτε μαζεμενες μερικα απο τα πιο hot ονοματα της Ελληνικης Σκηνης!
Maplerun, Diviner, Mother of Millions, Illusory, Pulse R, Given Free Rein και Sirius μαζι, στο πιο καυτο φεστιβαλ της πολης!
Εκθεσεις κομιξ, παγκοι με merch  και δωρεαν εισοδος!!!

Sunday night at Kyttaro club and Greek metal’s heart is beating hard with Diviner’s first ever performance in front of the Athenian crowd in a show that includes Erase and Sorrowful Angels as well.

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