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Spark TV, which is part of the Czech monthly magazine Spark, conducted an interview with vocalist Hansi Kursch of German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN before the band's December 20 show in Prague.

Here's what Hansi had to say about On the orchestral album BLIND GUARDIAN has been working on for the last few years and not only:

Hansi: "We still are working on that. We definitely are going to release a live album somewhere in the middle of next year. And we're going to continue with the orchestral album. I hope to be finished with everything, including mixing, at the end of 2016, but I doubt that there is a chance that this is going to be released [in 2016], but it will be released in 2017."

Now that the effect of the Cretan sun combined with the summer vacations starts to wear off, I believe I can try to write some words concerning the best Rock and Metal festival of Greece. Yes, it’s that simple. Chania Rock Festival has become the best one of its kind and that is because of the combination of various reasons. Location, organization and participating bands. The decision to move the festival inside the San Salvatore bastion 4 years ago, was a total winner.

German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN will perform their 1995 album "Imaginations From The Other Side" in its entirety on their upcoming North American tour with GRAVE DIGGER.

BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch explained in a statement: "I, being asked at least a thousand times by journalists and fans if we were not in general interested in a conceptual album performance, have been surprised by my bandmates, who came up with the exact same idea during last week's journey to Denmark and Poland. I cannot exactly remember where or when. Needless to say, the idea appeared mind-blowing and completely new to them… Guess what? André [Olbrich, guitar] and Marcus [Siepen, guitar] suggested to make this September‘s Northern American tour an 'Imaginations From the Other Side' conceptual tour!!! No surprise, Frederik [Ehmke, drums] was immediately up for that!

German progressive power metal pioneers BLIND GUARDIAN will release a new concert album titled "Live Beyond The Spheres" on July 7 as a 3-CD and 4-LP box via Nuclear Blast. The set will include material recorded at various shows during the band's European tour in 2015. It will contain old classics, new tracks as well as songs that were very rarely performed during BLIND GUARDIAN's live shows.
"Live Beyond The Spheres" track listing:
01. The Ninth Wave
02. Banish From Sanctuary
03. Nightfall
04. Prophecies
05. Tanelorn
06. The Last Candle
07. And Then There Was Silence
01. The Lord Of The Rings
02. Fly
03. Bright Eyes
04. Lost In The Twilight Hall
05. Imaginations From The Other Side
06. Into The Storm
07. Twilight Of The Gods
08. A Past And Future Secret
09. And The Story Ends
01. Sacred Worlds
02. The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
03. Valhalla
04. Wheel Of Time
05. Majesty
06. Mirror Mirror

10 Jun

Sweden Rock 2016

Published in Live Reports

June 8-11, 2016, Norje, Sweden: Approaching Norje, it feels that time has not gone by at all and you were actually here yesterday, instead of one year ago. Same shops, same gates, same stages. And then you start to meet the people you know and the people you met before and it starts feeling like… you know… home! Although the first day is always lower in attendance, so you always have this feeling before the party is about to start and you wait for the first guests.

Alan Dixon of The Metal Voice conducted an interview with vocalist Hansi Kürsch of German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN at this year's Heavy Montreal festival, which was held August 6-7 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Here are a couple of excerpts:
On the upcoming orchestral album:

Hansi: "It's all new songs. We started with these songs when we did 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth'. We got the first two songs back then, and I was really pushing to have them on 'Nightfall', and [the other guys were] just, 'They don't fit. They are too special. So why not work on a whole album like that?' And I said, 'Yeah! Great idea! And we are going to release that five years from now.' 'Yeah, five years from now.' [Laughs] So twenty years later, we're still working on it. But composing-wise, we are almost working on the second album already."

On when he thinks the orchestral album will be released:

Hansi: "The orchestral album — I was wrong with that ever since 1998 — is going to be released in 2019. Because we recorded a lot of shows last year, and we are going to release a live album in 2018. [The live album] will be a double. We are still working on the songs in terms of choosing which songs to take from which city. I believe once we are back from North America in November, we are going to mix it."

It was one of several times that our beloved bards visited our country while on tour to play in Athens and Thessaloniki. The first show in the Greek capital, which we attended in order to remember our youth, was sold out!

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