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Experiencing a Blaze Bayley show for an umpteenth time is not something detrimental or typical. Quite the contrary, actually, I must say it becomes more interesting, intriguing and…addictive as time passes by! When the tour dates were announced, I picked up the vicinal Sofia, Bulgaria. As it was the case with my previous visit there

07 Oct


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According to the Greek Iron Maiden fan club,, Blaze Bayley will visit Greece to play a few shows. More information will be available soon.

I can’t really say that I was expecting more or less people to show up at Kyttaro for this gig. Wednesday is surely an unusual day for a concert in Greece (you see we have our quirks) and Blaze Bayley I can’t say that’s a big enough attraction for metal fans in the year 2017. On the positice side though I have to say that the admission price was very low, thus more attractive for the people.




I didn’t realize it has been one year since the previous Hard Rock Hell! The place and the faces in Hafan Y Mor are so familiar now that I thought it’s been only a month since the last Hard Rock Hell festival. The truth is that at first, the line up seemed to be "poor", especially after the cancellation of the performance of Nazareth. However it wasn’t so "poor" after all.

Blaze Bayley just updated his official facebook page with the following message: We're very excited to add Greece to the 2017 World Tour schedule!
31.5 - Aigli Veso Mare / Patra
1.6 - Kyttaro Live / Athens
2.6 - Mandragoras / Trikala
3.6 - Larissa Sports Center / Larissa
4.6 - Prague Draft Bar / Kastoria
5.6 - Polihoros Agora / Ioannina
9.6 - Nostos Live / Xanthi
10.6 - Eightball Club / Thessaloniki

PRESS RELEASE: Blaze Bayley, singer with Iron Maiden 1994-1999, announces his World Tour schedule to promote a brand new album, the 9th studio record of his solo career.

In home-city Birmingham, England, often celebrated as the birthplace of metal, Blaze Bayley has completed the recording of his ninth studio album, aptly titled ‘Endure and Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II)'. The record is an exciting and enthralling sequel to his 2016 release ‘Infinite Entanglement’ which was the first of a trilogy of releases following a sci-fi concept and storyline.

‘Endure and Survive’ is set for release on 3rd March 2017 via Blaze Bayley Recording and will be accompanied by a world tour totalling some 120 shows. The European leg of the tour takes place principally between February and June 2017. After a small number of summer shows, Blaze will then go to the United States and Canada during August-September. It’s also planned to take the tour to Latin America in 2018.

Pre-orders for the new album are available now at

Throughout this world tour, Blaze will be backed by his main recording and touring musicians, picked from British metal band Absolva and including Chris Appleton (guitar, backing vocals), Martin McNee (drums), Karl Schramm (bass, backing vocals).

In addition to the established band members as above from Absolva, ‘Endure and Survive’ also contains a talented array of collaborators; Luke Appleton (Iced Earth / Absolva) - backing vocals, Michelle Sciarrotta - nylon acoustic, backing vocals, voice actor, Jo Robinson - backing vocals, Mel Adams - backing vocals, Liz Owen – backing vocals, Thomas Zwijsen – nylon acoustic, Anne Bakker – violin, backing vocals, Corvin Bahn (Uli Jon Roth) – accordion, Aine Brewer – voice actor, Rob Toogood – voice actor, backing vocals.

The spectacular album artwork has been completed by Andreas Sandberg, with additional images from Christopher Steenstrup who is also working on a Blaze Bayley video game.

The album was recorded between October and December 2016 at Robannas Studios, Birmingham, produced by Blaze Bayley and Chris Appleton, mixed and engineered by Miguel Seco, mastered by Ade Emsley (Iron Maiden, Tank, Phil Campbell). As with the previous record the song-writing has been a collaboration between Blaze, Chris Appleton and Michelle Sciarrotta.

‘Endure and Survive’ track listing
1.    Endure and Survive
2.    Escape Velocity
3.    Blood
4.    Eating Lies
5.    Destroyer
6.    Dawn of the Dead Son
7.    Remember
8.    Fight Back
9.    The World Is Turning the Wrong Way
10. Together We Can Move the Sun

The first single from the new album will be available early in February, together with a music video.

2014-2015 was a period of building momentum for Blaze, partly created by the highly popular release of the 15th anniversary edition of his debut solo record ‘Silicon Messiah’ as well as his ‘Soundtracks of My Life’ 30 year compilation celebrating his career since he began singing with his first band Wolfsbane, before catapulting to worldwide fame with Iron Maiden.

2016 saw a significant renaissance with the remarkable plaudits given to the ‘Infinite Entanglement’ album from fans and critics alike. The year was also notable for Blaze’s special guest performance with Disturbed at the UK’s premier festival Download when the warmth and recognition from the crowd was as crystal clear as it was predictable given Blaze’s reputation for connecting with audiences.

The European leg of the ‘Endure and Survive’ tour is listed below. Additional European shows are still to be announced, whilst the detailed schedule for the US and Canada, plus Latin America in 2018 is awaited.

11TH MT, Gzira, The Orpheum
18TH UK, Ballymena, Diamond Rock
1st UK, Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
2nd UK, Newcastle, Trillians
3rd UK, Grimsby, Yardbirds Rock Club
4th UK, Manchester, Sound Control
5th UK, Birmingham, Roadhouse
9th UK, Cardiff, Fuel
10th BE, Verviers, Spirit of 66
11th FR, Paris, Le Petit Bain
12th BE, Deinze, Café Elpee
18th FR, Luynes, Le Korigan
19th ES, Barcelona, Salamandra 2
21st ES, Oviedo, Franelrock
22nd ES, Madrid, Club Moby Dick
23rd ES, Lleida, Café Del Teatre
24th ES, Valencia, Sala Fussion
25th ES, Irun, Tunk
26th ES, Zaragoza, King Kong
30th IT, Vercelli, Officine Sonore
31st CH, Saint-Maurice, Manoir Pub
1st FR, Nancy (Pagney D-B), Chez Paulette
2nd UK, Edinburgh, Corn Exchange, Heavy Scotland festival
7th FR, Grenoble, L’Amperage
8th FR, Clermont-Ferrand (Mozac), Salle De L’Arlequin
9th DE, Renchen, Come Inn
13th DE, Krefeld, Kulturampe
14th NL, Leiden, Gebr De Nobel
15th DE, Grossefehn, Schlappohr  Rockkneipe
16th NL, Helmond, Muziekcafe
20th DE, Hamburg, Bambi Galore
21st DE, Siegen, Vortex
22nd DE, Balingen, Sonnenkeller
23rd DE, Konstanz Rockbar
26th SI, Ljublijana, Orto Bar
27th AT, Vienna, Viper Room
28th SK, Bratislava, Rock Café
29th CZ, Brno, Melodka
30th Czech, Pilsen, Serikovka
4th PL, Wroclaw, Liverpool Klub
5th PL, Tychy, Underground
6th PL, Stalowa Wola, Labirynt Club
7th PL, Olsztyn, Nowy Andergrant
9th LT, Kaunas, Klubas Lemmy
10th LV, Riga, Nabaklab
11th EE, Tallinn, The Tapper
12th FI, Helsinki, On The Rocks
13th FI, Mikkeli, Kulttuuritalo Tempo
14th FI, Tampere, Jack The Rooster
19th FI, Lappeenranta, Mobar
20th FI, Mantyharju, Bar Krouvi
21st FI, Mantyharju, Bar Krouvi (acoustic)
24th SE, Strangnas, Garage
26th NO, Fosser, Oak Metal Club
27th SE, Falkenberg, Downtown
28th RS, Belgrade, Club Fest
29th BA, Sarajevo, Cinemas Sloga
30th BA, Mostar, OKC Abrasevic
5th UK, Oxford, Oxrox Alive
For further information visit these sites

British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) has set "Infinite Entanglement" as the title of his eighth solo album, tentatively due in March 2016. Speaking to Rock-Radio UK last month, Bayley stated about the upcoming effort (hear audio below): "It's a concept album. My first solo album was influenced by science fiction and a lot of my favorite books and also things that are happening in science fiction and artificial intelligence — with 'Silicon Messiah'; that was my first one. And then I did a full concept album with my second solo album called 'Tenth Dimension'. This follows on, really, from both of those albums, some of the ideas that I had back then, as well as some of the things that are happening in quantum physics; I've become more interested in that. So, using that, really, it's a story about someone who doesn't know if they're human. And I'm writing a book, and the album is based on the things that happen in the book."

28 Feb

Blaze Bayley

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Blaze Bayley is ready to unleash his seventh studio album of his solo career and the title “Infinite Entanglement” has already made his fans curious as the comparison with “Silicon Messiah” and “Tenth Dimension” is naturally expected due to a similar lyrical concept. Only a few weeks be fore the official release date, Blaze shares some light on his new musical endeavor and he reveals some rather unknown incidents from the past. Rockpages thanks sincerely George Tsakoumis from the Greek Fan Club of Blaze Bayley for his input. Interview: Sakis Nikas

In a recent interview with the “chief” revealed that he has in mind to work with Blaze Bayley again, under certain circumstances and behind a big “if”. His statement came up after the question whether he’d be interested in playing obscure Maiden songs that have never been played live with White Lion…  “I think it would be all too easy to do that, and maybe even songs from the Blaze years which may never see the light of day with Maiden again. People ask me that question, and yeah, on one hand, but I think, if I did that, I’d have to do a third project. I wouldn’t want to do it with this (British Lion), because this is a totally different thing, and it’s more rock and roll than metal anyway, and I think those songs, if I did it, maybe I’d get Blaze or someone to do it with; I don’t know, it’s not something I particularly have the time to do, or have the inclination right now anyway! But if you’re thinking about it, I think that would be the way to go, rather than doing it with this (British Lion), because this is a totally separate entity; I don’t think it really would be right to do it with this anyway”, the “chief” said.

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