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There are live shows that you instinctively know, almost beforehand, that the final result is guaranteed as the band will give everything it has on stage, the energy through the songs will be supersonic and the crowd will have an amazing time which is really the sole purpose of a live experience. The thrash legends Sodom have proved all these years with their numerous concerts in Greece that they are more than capable of delivering the goods and their last show in Athens was no exception.

07 Feb

Sodom @ AN Club

Published in Live Reports

Not long ago, the editors of got together to talk about their favorite music. While discussing, Mariza “Crash” was wondering why a band so big and iconic like Sodom play in a small venue like An Club. Good question, but in fact the legendary underground club showed us once more its hospitality. After all, it’s something like the home base of the Germans every time they visit Greece.

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