24 Mar 2017

Scar Of The Sun

During Scar Of The Sun’s European tour supporting Firewind we had the chance to talk with singer Terry Nikas and got all the latest about their album “In Flood”, their thoughts about the future and their upcoming show in Athens after a long time. Interview: Mariza “Crash”

13 Feb 2017

Captain Poon

The news that the ex-Gluecifer guitarist was going to be in Athens as a member of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg was enough to make the waiting for this show unbearable. Rockpages.gr managed to do a video interview just a few hours before the show at the hotel’s roof garden with the Acropolis on the backdrop. Captain Poon is loosened up and feels at ease with his leather jacket on despite the post-summer heat (the interview was filmed in September) that the rain that had just stopped didn’t manage to cool off.

06 Feb 2017


Dare is about to make its virgin trip to Greece for a much anticipated show in downtown Athens. So, we figured that his would be an ideal chance to track down the band’s mastermind, Darren Wharton for a quite enjoyable –as you will read below- interview. Dare’s new album, Thin Lizzy, Greek folk music and football were only a few of the subjects that we covered. Interview: Sakis Nikas

30 Jan 2017


Firewind make a double return since they release their first album since 2012 and they go back to their familiar style, having made a temporary diversion with “Few Against Many”, with a new singer, German Henning Basse. Gus G talks to Rockpages.gr about choosing Basse, the return to the band’s sound, “Immortals” Greek concept, the first time Firewind work with an outsider and more. Finally, he promises that Firewind will play at their home country… can’t wait for that! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

18 Jan 2017

Holly Knight

“Love is a Battlefield”, “The Best”, “Hide Your Heart”, “Never”, “Rag Doll”…KISS, Aerosmith, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Heart, Rod Stewart…the sheer mention of these classic songs and these legendary artists is sufficient enough to blow your mind! Holly Knight has composed lots of timeless hits and rightfully belongs to the Holy Trinity of Composers (Desmond Child/Holly Knight/Diane Warren) that marked permanently the rock sound of the 80s (and not only). She is a multitalented person (photography, musicals included) and we are thrilled to have her, here at Rockpages.
Special thanks to Jay Messina. Interview: Sakis Nikas



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