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23 May 2017


While waiting for the first ever Ministry appearance in Greece, we talked with guitarist Sin Quirin about the upcoming show, and some of the best songs he’s written with Al Jourgensen since he joined the band.  Interview: Romanos Terzis


This is on of the most important people in our music for the last 20 years and there is no trace of exaggeration in that. We are talking about Nicke Andersson who begun as the drummer in Entombed created the Hellacopters and is now the leader of Imperial State Electric. Having created an entire movement with his music and aesthetics in European rock’n’roll, he contributed in various projects always following his muse, collaborating with true legends. We will have the chance to see him and Imperial State Electric live in a few days for two shows in Athens and Thessaloniki. Given the chance of these shows and before we go pay our respect to the man we talked with him about the band’s latest release, his glorious past and the forthcoming visit to Greece. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

28 Mar 2017

Oceans Of Slumber

Oceans Of Slumber gave their first headline show outside of the US, with the Greek audience being the lucky one. So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a talk with them. Rockpages sat with Dobber Beverly (drums) and Cammie Gilbert (vocals), a few hours before they hit the stage, for an absolutely delightful conversation. The best parts are here for you to enjoy. You can also check out the video below! Interview: George Terzakis

24 Mar 2017

Scar Of The Sun

During Scar Of The Sun’s European tour supporting Firewind we had the chance to talk with singer Terry Nikas and got all the latest about their album “In Flood”, their thoughts about the future and their upcoming show in Athens after a long time. Interview: Mariza “Crash”

13 Feb 2017

Captain Poon

The news that the ex-Gluecifer guitarist was going to be in Athens as a member of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg was enough to make the waiting for this show unbearable. managed to do a video interview just a few hours before the show at the hotel’s roof garden with the Acropolis on the backdrop. Captain Poon is loosened up and feels at ease with his leather jacket on despite the post-summer heat (the interview was filmed in September) that the rain that had just stopped didn’t manage to cool off.



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