24 Mar 2016

Jaded Star

Just before Jaded Star take the stage to headline Voices Of The Mist Vol.II, Maxi Nil talks about the band’s recent European tour, the band’s future plans and sends a message to those attending the show on March 26th at Kyttaro. Interview: Dimitris Kazantzis

15 Mar 2016

Dennis Stratton

Dennis Stratton is a classic, living and breathing case of a person who grew up and loved East London and its pride: West Ham! Dennis visited Greece for a concert; a tribute to the early Maiden years and Rockpages invites him to the magazine’s headquarters and discuss with him all about those days back in the 70s when Maiden started and the punk movement was all over England. Dennis clarifies what really happened with his dismissal of the band; who was responsible for it and many other interesting topics. At the end of our conversation, we allowed Dennis to drink his beer although it must have been a little bit warm by that point. But…a good beer is always a good beer…right? Interview: Sakis Nikas – Yiannis Dolas

08 Mar 2016

Danko Jones

On the other side of the phone line is the often "over the top" rocker from Canada Danko Jones to talk about the recent live CD/DVD "Live At Wacken", as well as whatever is thrown its way. What made an impression during this chat was his seriousness in every answer, his modesty and precision in every answer, something that surely didn't bare lot of resemblance with the rockstar someone sees on stage. Danko is a workaholic with several collaborations every year, live shows, column in magazines and so on. Maybe, when he is doing interviews is not at his best, but make no mistake he surely knows pretty well what he is doing with his band! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

28 Feb 2016

Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley is ready to unleash his seventh studio album of his solo career and the title “Infinite Entanglement” has already made his fans curious as the comparison with “Silicon Messiah” and “Tenth Dimension” is naturally expected due to a similar lyrical concept. Only a few weeks be fore the official release date, Blaze shares some light on his new musical endeavor and he reveals some rather unknown incidents from the past. Rockpages thanks sincerely George Tsakoumis from the Greek Fan Club of Blaze Bayley for his input. Interview: Sakis Nikas

16 Feb 2016

Joel Hoekstra

The interview with Joel Hoesktra has been arranged for 11:00 in the morning at the hotel where Whitesnake was staying in Dublin. Unfortunately, the Desmond Storm that hit Ireland and the East Coast of England the previous night resulted in an adventurous trip for Joel on a ferryboat from England to Ireland. Nevertheless and despite the fact that the ever smiling guitarist had only a couple of hours to sleep, Joel was very kind, in a good mood and gave us some very genuine answers in regards with his solo album, Whitesnake, Night Ranger etc. Interview: Sakis Nikas  



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