10 Aug 2016

Massive Wagons

They have made a dynamic entry in the British Metal Scene and you hear their name more and more by the day. I am sitting among Adam Thistlethwaite and Carl Cohrane, the two guitarists of Massive Wagons, and we are chatting away about their progress and their immediate future plans. Interview: Dimitris Kazantzis

28 Jul 2016

Pretty Maids

Just after the tour with the Avantastia “family” is completed, Ronnie Atkins returns to the familiar den of Pretty Maids whose new album is ready for release, but it’s too early and we are not allowed to talk about that yet. Of course, his collaboration with Eric Martensson is something important, not just for both of them, but also for melodic rock as well and it’s not impossible to see Nordic Union playing some live shows, or Pretty Maids visiting Greece again. In 20 minutes Ronnie Atkins grace us with his rich experience of his career, music and life… enjoy! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

13 Jul 2016

Crazy Lixx

Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx will appear for the very first time in Greece at the prestigious Chania Rock Festival. Those of us who have followed the band since the very beginning know exactly what to expect: an explosive hard rock show full of up tempo anthems! We get in touch with the band’s drummer Joel Cirera who talks about Crazy Lixx’ first live album, the new line-up, the Swedish hard rock scene, Abba etc. Interview: Sakis Nikas

10 Jul 2016


It’s been seven years since Poem’s debut, but finally 2016 looks like it’s their year. The amazing “Skein Syndrome” is out since a couple of months, their lineup is now stable, they took part in a European tour and before their participation at this year’s New Long Fest in Nea Makri we have the chance to address some a few questions. They are definitely one of the most quality Greek acts around, so don’t miss them! Interview: George Terzakis

08 Jul 2016


It’s one of the bands that the fans of progressive rock crave to see live. We are talking about Pye Hastings, the brain of Caravan and a wonderful person and we are doing a very beautiful flashback to their long lasting career but we are also talking about their current and future plans. Interview by Dimitris Kazantzis



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