21 Sep 2016


At Def Factory Studios Soundtruck work hard on their second album. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals give shape to the "truck's" second root, which according to the band members is going to look the same with the first one, but it will be different. Rockpages.gr camera followed the band in the booth, tuned guitars, played solos, changed amps, burnt lamps and sung its lungs off always after the close look of producer George Florakis'. Interview: Yiannis Dolas Camera/Sound: RοckpagesTV.

19 Sep 2016


Just a few days before the first ever Desertfest to be held in Greek soil, Rockpages.gr had the chance to talk with Oskar Cedermalm of the Truckfighters, a band that lately have become a favourite for the Greek audience. Their new album "V", their fifteen-year long career, Greece, their constant problems with their drummers and his involvement with Fuzzorama Revords are just some of the subjects of our conversation. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

06 Sep 2016

Van Zant

On the other end of the telephono line we've got Donnie Van Zant! The middle brother of the legendary family of the South talks about the recently recovered lost concert, the collaboration with his brother, the tragic plane crash in 1977, .38 Special... and the ghost of Ronnie. He is great to talk to with his Southern accent and humorous despite the fact that's 8 AM in Jacksonville. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

19 Aug 2016

Four By Fate

It took them a long time -28 years if we want to be exact- yet Tod Howarth and John Regan are back together in a new outfit called Four By Fate and their debut album “Relentless” has already gained rave reviews from all over the world. Without further ado…ladies and gentlemen, Tod Howarth and John Regan introduce us to the world of Four By Fate! Interview: Sakis Nikas

16 Aug 2016


Saliva has just released their brand new album “Love, Lies & Therapy” and theya re in the midst of a big US Tour. We managed to track down the band’s singer lead singer Bobby Amaru who was more than happy to share lots of details about the new album and the Saliva story so far. For the record, this is the first ever Saliva interview for a Greek magazine in their 20-year illustrious career!  Interview: Sakis Nikas



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