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27 Mar 2005

Alter Bridge

Exclusively for Alter Bridge, the rising force coming out of the ashes of Creed, talk about their album, past, present and maybe future. The guys are very cool, friendly and down to earth like you are talking to your local band, although they have sold millions of records already. The following interview is more of a showdown of all four of them answering the questions, chatting away, and actually having fun, despite their jet lag. What follows might be a bit long, but it encapsulates exactly how things in this band work. It's all about chemistry...

15 Jul 2004

Alice Cooper

A few hours before the Alice Cooper concert in Petra theatre, we went up the road to the hotel where the Prince of Darkness was staying and after we managed not to pass out the first seconds – after all you don’t get to meet Alice Cooper everyday – the interview started on time and ended…with Alice Cooper assistant’s alarm clock! When we left, none of us was quite sure if that was real or just a dream. Interview: George Anasontzis, Sakis Nikas, Christos Stamelos

18 Dec 2003

Amorphis Interview

Amorphis decided to visit us for a second time in two years and since doesn't lose such an opportunity, invaded into the backstage of Gagarin 205, on the 14th of December 2003 and interrogated the axe man and main composer of the Finnish. Esa Holopainen turned to be a nice guy and being in good mood he talked to us about everything.




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