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02 Jul 2011

Kansas Interview

Taking a break from the Sweden Rock marathon, to have a chat with Rich Williams from Kansas allows for a glimpse to the seemingly more casual and calm backstage area. As time was pressing, we only spoke about the sort-of-Kansas-sub-project, the Native Window, and what is required to flip the perfect hamburger.

09 May 2006


One day after Dokken’s unplugged performance at “The Underworld” Club, and after the three band members had left for America, Don Dokken

03 Mar 2006

Alice Cooper

Two hours before the Deep Purple/Alice Cooper show in Berlin we are heading to the changing rooms for the interview. Alice is waiting for us sitting on a leather sofa. He is quite simple, friendly and very calm. On our limited time we are talking about the new album, shock rock, Alice's everyday life. Every expression his face is getting brings to mind all the disguises of the big star and fills you with awe. We are ready to fall down on our knees and take a bow, just like in "Wayne's Worlds" just because he is Alice Cooper.

25 Dec 2005

Absolute Steel

What’s you memories from school parties, what would you do if you were a millionaire, what are the first thing you lay eyes upon on girls? We had the chance to get our questions asked from Rick Hagan, drummer of the German party metal band, Absolute Steel. We got the answers plus some knowledge on Rick’s anatomy that we didn’t really want to know about.

20 Jul 2005


Rockwave’s second part (8-9th of July) was intended to be hectic and hot and Rockpages knew that right away. The phrase “speed and concentration” would take an accurate meaning for some of the editors of our magazine. Wolf Hoffmann, founder and guitarist of German legends Accept, proved to be an excellent interlocutor with great sense of humor and even sharper comments on some facts concerning the band’s status. Read the following and you’ll know what I am talking about.



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