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13 Jan

Wild Souls

Published in Interviews

Wild Souls has just released its sophomore album “Game of Love” which left us under the best impressions. It’s both hopeful and impressive to be treated with such spectacular records –considering the major setbacks in Greece- in a time and age where the majority of the groups are plainly satisfied with mediocre efforts. Wild Souls is an exception and as the guys say in the interview below…they are here to stay! Interview: Sakis Nikas

David Coverdale praised Greek band Wild Souls for their cover on the Whitesnake song “Looking For Love” that was shared as a lyric video. “Excellent. Gentlemen… Thank you for sharing it with us…” wrote Coverdale on Facebook. Kostis Tsiligiris said: It's no secret that Whitesnake is our favorite band and a true Inspiration for us. We had to do a homage to this legendary band. George Nikolaou said: Looking for Love is a song that has been accompanying Wild Souls since the very beginning and we wanted to have our own take on this masterpiece”.



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