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Thin Lizzy has announced Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton will be playing bass on the forthcoming Anniversary shows planned for 2016 / 2017. Tom, an Aerosmith founding member, joins guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson, together with lead vocalist Ricky Warwick and keyboard player Darren Wharton. In addition to Tom’s appointment on bass, previously announced Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has been replaced by Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis on all shows except August 6th in Sweden, where Europe drummer Ian Haugland will be on the drum stool.

20 Jan


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“Jailbreak” album. the band’s lineup features Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson on guitars, Ricky Warwixk on vocals (all 3 from Black Star Riders), Darren Wharton on keyboards and… Mikkey Dee on drums!!! At the moment there is only one show for this year announced, Ramblin Man Fair on July 23rd and an appearance on Rock Legends Cruise V from 19 to 23 January 2017. Scott Gorham said that it would be very cool to do some Thin Lizzy shows while Black Star Riders are on a break. However, drummer Brian Downey is not going to be a part of this due to personal reasons and there is no information about Brian Robertson, both of them members of the band on the pivotal “Jailbreak” album as well as Lizzy's most classic lineup.

03 May

Black Star Riders

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We are in the beautiful Cambridge for the start of another overseas adventure of at the Europe, Black Star Riders. A few hours before the show we have Jimmy DeGrasso in front of us who opens up to our camera about the new album, the band’s debut, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders’ style and their future plans. Jimmy is a very pleasant guy, he’s got something to say about everything and he reveals between others that he used to skate a lot! Interview: Sakis Nikas, Dimitris Kazantzis Camera: Yiannis Dolas Editing, Post Production: OpenField

28 Jan


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Ex-Thin Lizzy fo their first period guitarist, Eric Bell, returns with a brand new studio album, "The Vagabond Out Of Exile", which is out on February 26th via On The Edge/Cargo Records, while he is confirmed for this year's Sweden Rock Festival on June 11th. "The Vagabond Out Of Exile" is his first work in six years. It was recorded at Edge Recording Studios, a converted barn in Cheshire. Basic, homely and unpretentious, what the studio lacks in corporate frills, it more than makes up for in pedigree. Owned by renowned sound engineer John Delf, who works with some of the globe’s biggest bands, including Five Seconds of Summer, Plan B and The Script, and run by Mark Winterburn, one of the UK’s top studio engineers, it offered the back-to-basics, artist-led approach that Eric needed to tempt him back into the studio.
Lyrically, the new album covers a lot of ground; some songs reflect the difficult times in Eric’s life, others explore universal themes of love, fatherhood and loss. Some were penned many years ago, lying dormant as if waiting to be brought to life, some were written very recently. There’s even a cover of a rock ‘n’ roll standard.

Although Eric didn’t start out as a songwriter, working alongside Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison in Them and Dave Clark in the Noel Redding Band allowed him to see the songwriting process up close and gave him the confidence to find his own writing style.

“This album reflects the music I like to play and listen to, so that’s what I’d say, “I’m trying to cover the whole spectrum of music.”

A Saturday bight with a double tribute attack of Remember Lizzy and Saints & Sinners made the journey to Kyttaro club absolutely essential.

06 Feb


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Dare is about to make its virgin trip to Greece for a much anticipated show in downtown Athens. So, we figured that his would be an ideal chance to track down the band’s mastermind, Darren Wharton for a quite enjoyable –as you will read below- interview. Dare’s new album, Thin Lizzy, Greek folk music and football were only a few of the subjects that we covered. Interview: Sakis Nikas


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