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12 Dec


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The news that Apollo was to release a solo album was rather sudden, but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise since “Waterdevild” is an amazing album. What was that led the singer to come up with the decision to launch a solo album on his own? In a great chat with Apollo he answers all our questions and we learn a lot about his solo album, who is in it, his future plans, as well as his relations with his ex-band Firewind. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Ιt’s drawing closer…Swedish vintage style hard rock pioneers SPIRITUAL BEGGARS will release their 9th studio album entitled “Sunrise To Sundown” on March 18th, 2016 in Europe as well as March 25th, 2016 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

Therefore, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS are now launching the album’s second single, “Diamond Under Pressure”, via a lyric-video created by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media (At The Gates, Grave, Arcturus, etc.), who also did the artwork for “Sunrise To Sundown”. Check out the new single here:

29 Oct

Spiritual Beggars

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We are catching up with Michael Amott guitarist and leader of Spiritual Beggars just a few days before the band’s shows in Greece. Michael talks about working with Apollo Papathanasio for the second time, “Earth Blues”, stoner rock, his favorite things about Greece, but he doesn’t want to reveal anything about the upcoming Arch Enemy album! First thing is first, and now it’s Beggars time!

Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Below you can listen to the self-titled song from Spiritual Beggars ninth album, which is due for release on March 25th via InsideOutMusic. Spiritual Beggars guitarist, Michael Amott commented on the song: "I wrote 'Sunrise To Sundown' last year and brought into the jam room, where it very quickly went from a basic idea to a finished arrangement in something like five minutes! Some songs come fast and others take time to fully develop, you never know when inspiration hits you...and therein somewhere lies the beauty of creating music. The lyrics follow that train of thought too, talking about following your chosen path and turning your dreams into reality - two things I believe in very much."

Another appearance of Spiritual Beggars in our country's historic Kyttaro club, which once again failed to fill as it should in my opinion. It could be of course the full concert weekend ,Orphaned Land was playing the next day and   Shadow Gallery was playing on Sunday.

17 Apr

Grand Magus

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On the other side of the telephone line, straight from Stockholm, we have JB, singer, guitarist, heart and soul of Grand Magus whose highly anticipated new album “Triumph And Power” – after the amazing “The Hunt” is ready for release. The Swede, always the strong silent type giving straight and sort answers sounds confident, and pretty assured about the new albums, while he talks about his band’s discipline, the production, the artwork, his influences, as well as which album cover had an impact on him that made him buy it without knowing anything about the band that released it…
Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Swedish vintage style hard rock pioneers Spiritual Beggars return with their 9th studio album entitled “Sunrise To Sundown”, which will be released on March 18th, 2016 in Europe as well as March 25th, 2016 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

Just like on their previous two album releases, “Return To Zero” (2010) and “Earth Blues” (2013), SPIRITUAL BEGGARS stellar line-up is consists of bandleader Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, ex Carcass) on guitars, teaming up with Apollo Papathanasio (ex Firewind) on vocals, Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, Witchery) on bass, Per Wiberg (Candlemass, ex Opeth) on keyboards as well as Ludwig Witt (Grand Magus, Firebird) on drums.

After a busy couple of last years with Arch Enemy, Michael Amott and his bandmates have once again found the availability and inspiration to lay down 11 dynamic and uplifting new songs, which not only easily demonstrate how much on top of their game SPIRITUAL BEGGARS still are after over 20 years of activities, but also add a fresh and spontaneous vibe to their impressive catalogue.

Speaking about how the new album came together, Amott commented the following:
“We've been writing the album here and there over the last couple of years when our schedules have allowed us to meet up and spend a few days jamming. A few of the songs I wrote on my own, others were written by our keyboard player Per Wiberg. Our drummer Ludwig Witt submitted two tracks that are actually his first major contributions to the band as a writer - and they're great songs too!  I also co-wrote a few tunes with Per Wiberg and that was really a lot of fun as well, it's been a very collaborative process.”

In counteraction to the oftentimes soulless current hi-tech digital cut/paste recordings, “Sunrise To Sundown” was tracked live off the floor and Amott added the following about the recording results:
“I'm super excited about how the album sounds sonically, our engineer Staffan Karlsson also produced and mixed the album and the result is something we're very proud of.  I think every album we have made (this being our 9th) has had its own vibe and atmosphere. I can honestly say this band has never made the same album twice. To me, "Sunrise To Sundown" is the next chapter of the book we've been writing since we started the band over 20 years ago. Of course, the foundation of our style is heavy rock music, but we always keep evolving adding new influences and colours to the bands core sound.”

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS — the Swedish band featuring ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo,

Spitirual Beggars shared a new videoclip for the song “Hard Road” from their recent “Sunrise To Sundown” album. The video was directed and edited by Dirk Behlau who gathered footage from the band's tour both on and off stage.


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