Six times Oscar nominated director (for the films “In America”, “My Left Foot” and “In The Name Of The Father”) Jim Sheridan and awarded documentary filmmaker Colm Quinn will shoot a documentary about Phil Lynott titled “The Rocker: The Life And Music Of Phil Lynott” and they are looking for an actor who will lead. “Having known Phil, and loving his music from the very start, it’s a great honour to celebrate his life and work on the big screen”, says Sheridan. “I see this as a non fiction movie, one meant for the cinema, and I can’t wait to start the process of finding our modern day Rocker”, he concludes. The open casting will be held at Bow Street, 12-13 Bow St., Dublin 7 on Saturday, May 27th from 12.30 PM. Filming for the documentary will take place on various dates throughout 2017. Experience in film and television is not essential. Please come prepared with a song, poem or example of Phil’s influence on you. Auditions will be filmed and may form part of the final film. There is no need to register. Read more here

06 Feb


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Dare is about to make its virgin trip to Greece for a much anticipated show in downtown Athens. So, we figured that his would be an ideal chance to track down the band’s mastermind, Darren Wharton for a quite enjoyable –as you will read below- interview. Dare’s new album, Thin Lizzy, Greek folk music and football were only a few of the subjects that we covered. Interview: Sakis Nikas


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