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28 Jul


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We are thrilled to inform you that our band has signed with 7us media group. Our sophomore album, “Polysyllabic”, will be released via 7hard. Please, stay tuned as more info will arrive soon. Thank you for your support, Shine On!

14 Jul


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Illusory talk about the making of their album “Pollyslylabic”, while we watch them in action laying down the tracks for the recording of “Insangel”.

Στις 12 Σεπτεμβρίου θα ανέβουν στη σκηνή του An Club μερικά από τα καλύτερα (όχι και τόσο) κρυμμένα μυστικά της ελληνικής metal μουσικής για μία συναυλία που καλό θα είναι να στηρίξουμε όλοι μας. Σας παρουσιάζουμε αυτά τα συγκροτήματα μέσω μικρών συνεντεύξεων και ευχαριστούμε εκ των προτέρων όλα τα παιδιά που αφιέρωσαν λίγο από το χρόνο τους για να απαντήσουν στις ερωτήσεις μας. Χωρίς περαιτέρω καθυστέρηση λοιπόν... Συνέντευξη: Σάκης Νίκας

The Illusory, Erase and Achelous concert was the best way to spend a rainy Sunday night.

Ο Δημος Γαλατσιου σε συνεργασια μεν Παναγιωτη Παπαγεωργιου (Parthian Shot), επαναλαμβανουν το περυσινο, πετυχημενο underground metal fest, με το 2ο μερος του Under The Quarry!
Φετος θα εχετε την ευκαιρια να δειτε μαζεμενες μερικα απο τα πιο hot ονοματα της Ελληνικης Σκηνης!
Maplerun, Diviner, Mother of Millions, Illusory, Pulse R, Given Free Rein και Sirius μαζι, στο πιο καυτο φεστιβαλ της πολης!
Εκθεσεις κομιξ, παγκοι με merch  και δωρεαν εισοδος!!!

It was a Sunday afternoon in the friendly environment of Matrix Studios where we were invited to listen to Illusory’s new album, “Polysyllabic”, a month or so before its official release from 7Hard. We grabbed some beers from the fridge, made ourselves at home in two separate rooms and producer Yiannis Petrogiannis pushed “Play”…


“Polysyllabic” kicks off strong with a catchy and more progressive than usual for the band tune, “…A New Beginning”. The sound of the album brought back in my mind ‘90s metal and the albums that favorite bands like Iron Maiden and Helloween released back then. The arrangements are very interesting. On “Dreamshade” I have to say that I thought of Queensryche on a more modern motif with an Eastern touch. “Polysyllabic Thoughts” showed a more modern facet, while  there is also the stadium anthem element on “The Eyes Of Hades”.

The album features guest appearances by Voice Box who contributed vocals on some chorus parts, members of Innerwish, George Rallis from Elisadeath who played 12-string guitar and more. The album is complex and needs more spins to be fully appreciated. Illusory look for the big catchy chorus, their compositions are very well crafted, their arrangements sound off the beaten track sometimes and although its roots are in the ‘90s these guys manage to adopt several modern stuff in their songs.

While we are waiting to get the album in our hands, here’s the songs that stood out from this listening session: “Odd-Y-Sea”, “Insangel”, “Polysyllabic Thoughts”, “Solitary Nomad” and “The Eyes Of Hades”.

Yiannis Dolas


Η συναυλία των Illusory, Erase και Achelous αποδείχθηκε ως ο καλύτερος τρόπος να περάσουμε ένα βροχερό κυριακάτικο βράδυ.


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