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Sky Guitar met ESP, and the master met the best student. The deep, warm and passionate voice met the absolute metal and the generation that refuses to retire gathered with the younger one to show the road that will never follow, since nowadays that road is a high speed interstate. All that happened in one of the most historical venues in Athens, “Kyttaro”, last Tuesday.

04 Dec

Gus G @ Kyttaro

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This was the last show for Gus G's tour and the final stop was Kyttaro Club in Athens on a Friday night with two more bands on the bill and the mostly young crowd couldn't hide its enthusiasm.

30 Jul


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It happened a couple of days ago in Hungary... Gus G's guitars

05 Sep


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The release of the live recorded album “Apotheosis” is a good chance to talk with Gus G on a typical hot Greek afternoon with the temperature in Athens, and Thessaloniki threatening to break the thermometers. Gus is not in a loss of words, he answers all the questions about what kind of singer is Firewind after, his first solo album, Ozzy, even “13”…
Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Following a busy year of promotion and touring for his solo debut album “I Am The Fire”, Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind guitarist Gus G. has now announced that the recordings

The Greek guitarist uploaded on YouTube his own version of the theme song of the popular series “Game Of Thrones”. According to Gus had never heard of the tune before recording it for this video! Check it out below…

30 Jan


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Firewind make a double return since they release their first album since 2012 and they go back to their familiar style, having made a temporary diversion with “Few Against Many”, with a new singer, German Henning Basse. Gus G talks to about choosing Basse, the return to the band’s sound, “Immortals” Greek concept, the first time Firewind work with an outsider and more. Finally, he promises that Firewind will play at their home country… can’t wait for that! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

30 Jun

Gus G

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With his second solo album “Brand New Revolution” almost a month before its release, Gus G is on time for our Skype call and talks thoroughly about his new work, his guests and his collaboration with them, as well as the future of Firewind. Gus is in a good mood and pleasant to talk to as always, while he deals some of our notices with humor. Interview: Yiannis Dolas

Greek melodic Power metal masters FIREWIND, the group led by guitar-wizard and Ozzy Osbourne band member Gus G., are proud to announce the release of their upcoming 8th studio album, ”Immortals”, which will be released on January 20th, 2017 via the band’s longtime label partner Century Media Records in Europe.

Gus G. checked in to comment about “Immortals” and its artwork (which can be seen above!) as follows: “Today we're very happy to reveal the cover artwork for our 8th studio album. It's titled "Immortals" and it's the first concept album FIREWIND has ever made. Since we're from Greece, we thought it would be a cool idea to make a concept of Greek history and heritage. So, on this album we focused on the legendary battles of Thermopylae and Salamis during the 2nd Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BC. The artwork was once again created by our longtime collaborator, Gustavo Sazes and we feel it reflects the vibe we tried to capture on this album - Epic, Powerful, Glorious, Everlasting.”

“Immortals” marks the first time FIREWIND used an outside co-producer, working with Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69), who not only engineered, mixed and mastered the album, but also co-wrote it together with Gus G. The album’s tracklisting reads as follows:

 FIREWIND – “Immortals”:
1. Hands Of Time
2. We Defy
3. Ode To Leonidas
4. Back On The Throne
5. Live And Die By The Sword
6. Wars Of Ages
7. Lady Of 1000 Sorrows
8. Immortals
9. Warriors And Saints
10. Rise From The Ashes
Next to the standard jewel case CD and Digital Download formats, “Immortals” will also be released as LP on 180gr vinyl with a poster as well as the entire album on CD as bonus. Additionally, there will also be a limited edition Mediabook CD with expanded booklet, a bonus track and 3 stickers. Look out for more details and pre-order details soon…

A first album’s online single is set to debut on November 25th, but in the meantime you can already check out a few sample riffs in a play-through clip that Gus G. recorded in co-operation with Toontrack’s EZmix 2 and the Metal Guitar Gods 4 EZmix Pack expansion here:

Gus G. and Toontrack have also launched a regular "Metal Month Masterclass" series of video lessons, of which the first two episodes can be seen here:

1. Arpeggios:

2. Phrasing:

3. Alternate Picking:

More to follow soon…

In order to support the release of “Immortals”, FIREWIND are set to hit the road across Europe and the UK. Those dates as well as some first festival dates confirmed for 2017 and also a string of GUS G. solo shows in Asia are as follows:
FIREWIND – Europe & UK Tour 2017

Special Guests: Manimal & Scar Of The Sun
15.02.2017 Glasgow (UK) - Audio
16.02.2017 Manchester (UK) - Academy 3
17.02.2017 Sheffield (UK) - Corporation
18.02.2017 Wolverhampton (UK) - Slade Rooms
19.02.2017 London (UK) - Underworld
21.02.2017 Southampton (UK) - Engine Rooms
22.02.2017 Paris (France) - Backstage by the Mills
23.02.2017 Strasbourg (France) - La Laiterie
25.02.2017 Vienna (Austria) - Szene
26.02.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
27.02.2017 München (Germany) - Feierwerk
28.02.2017 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colos-Saal
01.03.2017 Bochum (Germany) - Rockpalast
02.03.2017 Vosselaar (Belgium) - Biebob

FIREWIND – European Festivals 2017

16.06.2017 Duisburg (Germany) - Rage Against Racism
13-15.07.2017 Balingen (Germany) - Bang Your Head
09-12.08.2017 Villena (Spain) - Leyendas del Rock
08.09.2017 Olen (Belgium) - Olensfest

GUS G – Live 2016/2017

10.12.2016 Maasmechelen (Belgium) - Maasvallei
20.01.2017 Anaheim, CA (USA) - The Grove (w/ Metal Allegiance, Marty Friedman)
22.03.2017 Tokyo (Japan) - Club Quattro
23.03.2017 Osaka (Japan) - Club Quattro
25.03.2017 Seoul (South Korea) - Vhall

More info and updates on FIREWIND and “Immortals” coming soon…

Henning Basse - Vocals
Gus G. - Guitar
Petros Christo - Bass
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards
Jo Nunez - Drums

FIREWIND Discography

Between Heaven And Hell (CD, 2002)
Burning Earth (CD, 2003)
Forged By Fire (CD, 2005)
Allegiance (CD, 2006)
The Premonition (CD/LP, 2008)
Live Premonition (CD/DVD, 2008)
Days Of Defiance (CD/LP, 2010)
Few Against Many (CD/LP, 2012)
Apotheosis - Live 2012 (CD, 2013)
Immortals (CD/LP, 2017)


03 Sep


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Gus G just released a new music video for the instrumental “The Quest” from his latest solo album “Brand New Revolution” that was released in 2015. The video that will remind you of Mad Max was directed by Ivan Colic and produced by iCode team. Gus G comments: “This is a very special track, as it’s the only instrumental from my Brand New Revolution solo album, and it’s an over the top, high energy metal track, with tons of shredding, big melodies and crazy arrangements. Since the album release, people have been telling me how much they’ve been enjoying this song, so I decided to make a video for it!
“Working with the iCode Team in Serbia was a great experience and our goal was to make a crazy, cinematic, action packed video inspired by some of my favorite ’80s cult classic films like Mad Max, Conan the Barbarian and Highlander. If you’re into any of these movies, I’m sure you’ll dig this video! Plus, is there a guitar player on this Earth that wouldn’t wanna kill bad guys with his guitar superpowers? Enjoy my friends!”


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