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06 Feb


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Dare is about to make its virgin trip to Greece for a much anticipated show in downtown Athens. So, we figured that his would be an ideal chance to track down the band’s mastermind, Darren Wharton for a quite enjoyable –as you will read below- interview. Dare’s new album, Thin Lizzy, Greek folk music and football were only a few of the subjects that we covered. Interview: Sakis Nikas

For once more the presence of in Hafan Y Mor on the coasts of North Wales had its peculiarities. This time it was a three-member delegation with whatever that entails, and there was also a Greek representation at the lineup of the festival. On arriving at the venue early on Friday evening, the first band we saw on stage was Vega.Α very good performance by the British with a very melodic rock with contemporary touches which seemed to satisfy the audience. Unfortunately “our” KingDragon had already finished their performance by the time we got to Pwllheli so we didn’t have the chance to see them. That was a pity…

16 Sep


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BlackRose Productions and the Crow Club Athens present DARE for the very first time in Greece!

On February 11th, 2017, Vinny Burns (Ten), Darren Wharton (Thin Lizzy) with Nigel Clutterbucl, Marc Roberts and Kevin Whitehead, carry along their eight classic albums together with their highly prized and recently released new "Sacred Ground" album!

DARE were formed in 1985 by Thin Lizzy's keyboardist Darren Wharton. They have released nine albums, "Sacred Ground" being the most recent (2016), their most succesfull album "Blood From Stone" (1991) reaching No48 in the UK charts!

On February 11th, 2017, one of the most loved bands of the melodic genre will be in Athens for one show you shouldn't miss!

Tickets: 20€ / Pre-Sale: 17€ / Early Bird: 15€

Pre-Sale points:

No Remorse Records
Sirens Records Metalstore
Eat Metal Records
Metal Era Records
Crow Club Athens

For further information:
Crow Club Athens Sinopis 27, Athens, (t) 210-7789354

British melodic rock band Dare will be playing at this year's Sweden Rock Festival. Dare will be filling in for Kansas, who recently announced the cancellation of their entire European tour this summer. Dare, featuring former Thin Lizzy member Darren Wharton as vocalist and front man, played a hugely successful show at the 2015 edition of the festival and we are very happy to have them back to help us out at such short notice. Rival Sons will be taking over the Kansas main stage slot and Dare will be playing the Rival Sons slot on the second stage. An updated running order is now available at


Confirmed signing sessions so far:

Helix - 18:00-18:45
Black Ingvars - 20:30-21:15

Stacie Collins - 13:00-13:45
Great King Rat - 14:00-14:45
Steel Panther -15:00-15:45
Alter Bridge - 16:00-16:45
Hardline - 17:30-18:15
Iced Earth - 18:30-19:15

King's X - 16:30-17:15
The Dead Daisies - 17:30-18:15
Gotthard - 18:30-19:15

Amorphis - 14:30-15:15
Rhapsody - 15:30-16:15
Treat - 19:15-20:00

Rockklassiker Meltdown

This year Rockklassiker will host ROCKKLASSIKERS MELTDOWN every night between 00:15-02:00 in the Rockklassiker tent! The bar is open and the following DJs will rock the tent:
THURSDAY: Ian Haugland
FRIDAY: Nicke Borg
SATURDAY: Skrevrock

It’s really great to have the chance to witness for the very first time on Greek soil bands that have carved their own unique path in the business and have left their permanent stamp on the melodic rock genre. Dare is such an exemplar case; a band that focuses in the last few years on the Irish folk-rock sound although their first couple of records are considered classics among the hard rock fans around the world. More than 200 people found their way on The Crow Club and the night had all the potential of remaining permanently on our minds…and as it turned out, that was the case indeed!


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