PRESS RELEASE: DangerAngel present their new official video out of their critically acclaimed album “All The King’s Horses” released worldwide in 2016 via Melodic Rock Records.  It is available now on the band’s  Official YouTube Channel ( and soon via DangerAngel’s Official Facebook page (


The new video, this time for the same titled “All The King’s Horses”, is the seventh video out of the album, following “Will You Follow”, Dia De Los Muertos”, “Who You Are”, “To Kill A SainT”, “Devil’s Waltz” and “Call My Name”.

DangerAngel – Will You Follow :

DangerAngel – Dia De Los Muertos:

DangerAngel – Who You Are:

DangerAngel – To Kill A SainT:

DangerAngel – Devil’s Waltz:

DangerAngel – Call My Name:



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“All The King’s Horses” album is available in physical locations worldwide and via Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and all other streaming platforms


It’s been a long time since the last show DangerAngel played, while there was another singer replacement with Brazilian BJ taking over on the band’s mic. That Saturday night at the Crow Club the new lineup and the new era of DangerAngel with their third album “All The King’s Horses” on the way.

14 Oct


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To celebrate the official release of their new, third album ‘All The King’s Horses’ via MelodicRock Records, DangerAngel release the video for ‘To Kill A Saint’. You can find the new video at the link below:

‘To Kill A Saint’  is inspired by the classic TV show of the 60s, ‘The SainT’ starring Sir Roger Moore and this song pays tribute to the classic episode of the same title, aired on the 24th of February 1967. The story describes how a French villain seeks to hire an assassin to kill Simon Templar and when that assassin fails to complete his mission, Simon Templar himself poses as the hired assassin and finds out who wants him dead and why.

‘All The King’s Horses’ is already receiving critical claim from around the world as it officially hits the stores today October 14th, 2016, while it already sees extended airplay on radio waves and web radios globally, charted between the top 5 placed bands in the USA, just this week.

‘All The King’s Horses’ is available now on CD and Special Limited Edition CD/DVD (available only  via MelodicRock Records and the band’s online store and limited to 500 pcs).


16 Feb


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Dangerangel release a new video for the song “Call My Name” out of their critically acclaimed new album “All The King’s Horses” released via MelodicRock Records worldwide.

“Call My Name” is the 6th video out of the album following videos for the songs Will You Follow, Dia De Los Muertos, Who You Are, To Kill A Saint and Devil’s Waltz.

The “All The King’s Horses” album is available through retail sources worldwide and also through most streaming services. It was also released as a Special Edition, Limited CD/DVD version avail-able only through selected retailers and the label website.

I got to Modu club last Friday night knowing that I was terribly late and that I missed Ganzi Gun who opened for DangerAngel and hoping that their show wasn’t going to end soon.

02 Nov


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BJ is the third singer to appear on a DangerAngel album (there was another one, but didn't record officialy with the band) and took up the task to inform us about the band's new album, how he decided to take over the mic, the way of work living away of his bandmates and his cherished opinion about them (ed, keep your Greek dictionary handy). He knew the band from the past and he have already played a show with them in Greece, while he is getting ready for another one. Finally, he shares his opinion as a fan on something that concerns every respectable Journey maniac! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

DangerAngel announced the release date of their third album “All The King’s Horses” and released a music video for the song “Who You Are”. The album will be released on September 30th from Melodic Rock Records and it’s the first that features BJ on vocals. According to the press release from their record company “the production has been undertaken by the band, with new engineer for the mixing and mastering process. The songs are more powerful, heavier and more complex in their structure. The music has evolved, the lyrics have evolved, using the previous album as the stepping stone to the end that the band had in mind more than 4 years ago. This new album will be the defining moment for DangerAngel.”

DangerAngel release the new lyric video Dia De Los Muertos in advance of their new album to be titled All The King’s Horses and to be released later in 2016. With the new band lineup consisting of BJ (vocals), Ethan Snow (guitars), Rudy Rallis (bass), Ahas (keyboards) and Tony V (drums), DangerAngel present the band’s new sound and image starting with this new lyric video.

What the band started with their previous album Revolutia is continued in their new songs and Dia De Los Muertos is a clear example of DangerAngel’s evolution in sound and music composition.

DangerAngel’s new, third, album release will be announced within the following weeks along with more information concerning the release itself and also the band’s future activities.


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