18 Sep 2017

Grand Magus

Just a few days before Grand Magus… assault in our country JB talks about the recent album “Sword Songs”, the next, the tour with Amon Amarth, the band’s style evolution and sends a… call to arms for the Greek shows in Athens and Thessaloniki. Passion and fire! Interview: Kostas Voulgarelis

28 Aug 2017

White Widdow

White Widdow has accomplished a lot in a relatively short time. It is one of those bands that come up with new albums on a steady basis and at the same time keep the fire burning for the 80s hard rock music. We meet them at the hotel where they are staying, here in Athens, for an interview that covered such topics as the new album (of course), their special relationship with the Greek fans (yes, that will be us…), the possibility of moving permanently to Europe (dreams do come true eventually), the time-travel with a Delorean (it is possible, isn’t it?), the Sheriff of AOR (no, it’s not Chuck Norris) etc. Interview: Sakis Nikas, Yiannis Dolas


Janet Gardner has every reason to be happy nowadays. She is about to release her first ever solo album with the precious help of her husband, Justin James, while at the same time they are both getting ready to embark on a US tour for the promotion of the album. They were both kind enough to share some of their valuable time and give us some details about the album, the tour, the past, the present and the future! Interview: Sakis Nikas

31 Jul 2017

Graham Bonnet

Just a few hours before Graham Bonnet’s outstanding performance at the Crow Club last April RockpagesTV had the chance to talk with the great frontman. Despite being tired, sleepless and with a tight schedule to follow the singer is humorous, talkative and really enjoyable to talk to.


A few hours before the first ever show of Imperial State Electric in Athens RockpagesTV camera sneaks in Kyttaro to talk with this huge figure of rock’n’roll that managed to keep it’s banner high through the tough ‘90s and spread it like wildfire across Europe. Our talk begins with “All Through The Night”, the band’s recent release and extends throughout Nicke’s career with Hellacopters, The Solution, his influences, etc. Interview: Yiannis Dolas



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